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android gps phone 3.5

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android gps phone 3.5 Customers Reviews

  • Good looking phone 3d camera

    posted by pashte

    Fast interface, very responsive touchscreen, very high resolution, almost impossible to see the pixels in the screen (in galaxy mini you can see the pixels very big) light weight and the bottom is covered by rubber or something like that. Good internal memory and good signal reception.Also battery life is good (can use it for two days with internet allways on but with wifi almost last a day)Good camera, can take panoramic pictures and 3d photos that changes when you move the phone from side to side.
    Good looking phone, the light in the bottom change the color following the predominant color of the screen. I still don't have the chance to test the USB OTG function but its great to know that the phone support it.
    Its a good smartphone, would be great if it has a sd slot and android 4.0 but still good. Could be a little cheaper.
  • Nice phone for the price

    posted by ssaavedra

    It's a nice Android 2.3 phone. It can run anything for Android 2.3, and it has English available as a language (though CHINESE IS DEFAULT).It is very responsive.Dual SIM support is quite nicely builtin into Lenovo's Android. One SIM can connect to the Internet, you receive calls from both and you select which SIM sends them.I think it was easily flashable.gapps can be flashed once you are root and then you have Google Play.
    There is no search button on the interface (deprecated from Android 2.2 I think), but Android 2.3 is not so new.It's a pity that no other languages are included because the GUI for multi-language apps will be in the same language as Android.
    Rooting it, changing the ROM and getting a nice microSD hi-speed card can get this phone nice enough.After rooting, partition your uSD card with an ext3 partition of the size you want. Then install Link2SD and set it up to put every application (except Link2SD and maybe some other) in the SD card.If the SD card is fast enough you'll geta. Space that your phone didn't haveb. Enough speed to get by.
  • Very nice smartphone

    posted by AndiBcool

    Great build quality, even better then some big brand phone.Its very fast and fluid. Has the great and beautyfull Flyme GUI from Meizu, witch is a lot better and cleaned up than stock Android. Works very well with the right Firmware.Has a SD slot to increase space up to 32 GB.You can use Android 2.2, 2.3 or 4.0 on it directly from Meizu.A lot of updates come from meizu still for the M9.Has Gorilla Glass.
    The M9 is still a very nice phone, but the price is already a bit to high for a 2 year old smartphone.If you look around you might get a Meizu MX for the same amount of money.Getting replacement parts will get harder when this phone goes out of production.
    I dont regret i bought me this phone last year.Its still has and does all i really need.If you can get it cheap somewhere its a good buy.

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