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  • Excelente!

    posted by nohelvis

    Excelente celular:- Pantalla muy nítida y sensible al tacto.- Sensación 3D muy buena.- Buen procesador y RAm-ROM para correr los juegos exigentes en sus requerimientos.
    El celular no trae manual, por lo q cuesta un poco de trabajo encontrar las opciones para cambiar idioma. (llego en Arameo antiguo!! o algo así)
    Muy buen celular de ultima generación, gran pantalla y buen procesador, con un plus de tomar y grabar en 3D!
  • Offers more than expected

    posted by Ruud0002

    For a cheap phone it has very good features.Dual Sim for a 50 euro phone is not something you will see every day. The screen is nice is size, sharp is detail and reacts very well to the touch. Build quality is good although you have to pry off the backcover to insert sims, mem card and battery and it makes an awfull cracking noise when opened.Calling being called is no problem sound is crisp and clear.
    The cover supplied with the phone is an universal cover which has to attach using double-sided tape. I had one occurance when I had charged the phone to 100% de phone deceided to go to 5% battery level without warning ( well the low battery warning sounded, very loud ) so had to recharge it again.
    For that amount of money you cannot go wrong with this phone.Ther might be some small issues ( mostly settings that i see in my tablet but not in this phone ) bt that may be due to some inexperience with smartphones.
  • Good, but not brilliant

    posted by continuous

    The TV player has good specs and looks ok. Remote is a little cheap but functional. Cables supplied are ok too.
    I've read that Linux support for this device is pretty hit and miss due to Rockchips' stupid attitude to the Linux community. Pity they don't look at the success of the IBM PC - openness works.
    OK, but don't expect to do much more than is advertised.
  • intresting phone

    posted by yishayco

    -At first look the LG Optimus L7 2 could be mistaken for a premium handset thanks to its smart design and metallic border.-On the front of the LG Optimus L7 2 there is a 4.3-inch IPS display with a relatively mediocre 480 x 800 resolution, but it's bright, clear and perfectly functional.
    The LG Optimus L7 2 is a surprisingly capable budget smartphone which offers up plenty of features for not a lot of cash.
    We were impressed with its 8MP camera, stylish design and smooth operation, although web surfing could do with a bit of a boost.
  • Very good device for the money

    posted by mihaimanoliu

    Very nice looking: thin, nice finished faces, very good display qualityPowerfull enough to handle any kind of app availableEquiped with the latest technology availableVery nice pictures and Full HD Video moviesGood quality overall - very responsive to the touch, nice audio and video plaback quality.
    It comes with Chinese language setup - it was very dificult for me to set up in English to move one with the allover setup ;).Thank you guys for the Bonus cover that comes with the phone - it looks very nice and it is very usefull
    I hardly recommend this product - Thank you DX Team for fast delivery abroad. Keep up the good work there!

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