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android 4.0 tv Customers Reviews

  • Surely, a must buy!!

    posted by juanapat

    It`s small, well built, gorgeous interface and features 3 USBs (I use one with a mini Rii qwerty keyboard), and a SD slot. It`s quite convenient if you want to use your LCD or LED as a computer. The wi fi works just fine, there are no pauses while playing HD videos from youtube. It`s awesome.
    It would be nice if I could just forget the mini remote included with the device, since I connected my Rii mini keyboard (which it also has a mouse trackpad), but I can`t because I need that "Power" button. I don`t really know yet if I can do that from the Rii keyboard.
    For 100 U$S it`s a lot of satisfaction. I really preffer this tv box in my standard LCD TV than an expensive smartv. Don´t look further, buy this one and you won´t regret!
  • Good product. Works fine

    posted by pdrodrig

    Good overall quality. Ease of use. Its quite little, so it fits perfectly beneath the TV.
    Nice way of having internet in the TV. Perfect for navigating internet, reviewing e-mails, social networks, etc... The Wi-fi make it very easy to connect everywhere in the house.
    It's worth the price.
  • Best value to price!

    posted by ColdRiot

    Very fast stable and smooth experience !Comes with HDMI cable (short one)Many Ports to use + OTA port can be used as USB port with adapter.You can control the MINIX neo X5 with a smartphone using dedicated app.
    I would recommend getting an Air Mouse with it more comfortable than regular mouse and keyboard
    very recommended Android Mini PC has many Ports and that comes very handy if you going to use it as a replacement for a PC
  • Overall great little gadget!

    posted by eatoman

    - Great price compared to ATV2- Plug and Play - Lots of connectivity options (4 USB and SD card)- XBMC!! Nuf said!
    Overall I'm quite satisfied with this android box. So far I have not been able to connect to Google Play Store...the app launches and crashes a second later. Perhaps it's just a setting in "Accounts & Sync" which I may have overlooked. The remote control is ok. You still have to plug in a usb or keyboard to get through the setup procedure. The wifi connection is great. After using it last night for several hours the connection didn't drop once. Mind you, my router is only a few feet away from the device, I have not yet tried to operate it from a greater distance, say another floor in the home. With the original firmware, and the latest XBMC XAF build installed, it runs great! I tested a few HD movies and they run smoothly. The only lag or choppiness I experienced was playing HD movies with Navi-X.
    So after day 1 of owning this device I'm quite satisfied. There is still plenty of testing left to be done, such as getting Google Play Store to work, and testing the wifi connection from another floor. Perhaps a firmware upgrade (G-Box Midnight 2.2) may help with the lag of HD video in Navi-X...if not I may try installing Static's barebone build (as mentioned in a previous post) or J1nx's Linux build. I also want to test out video playback from USB and SD card. Do yourself a favor and purchase an airmouse. Navigating through XBMC and the android menus with the generic remote is ok, but typing and browsing the web is just tedious! I ordered the airmouse with built-in keyboard for android which plugs in via USB dongle and it works great! I'll re-post an update in the weeks to come.
  • Better Android devices out there

    posted by Jakester519

    Small form factor and quite a nice shape. Plenty of venting in the casing to help keep it cool during operations.All cables supplied.Good HDMI picture output upto 1080p.
    The non installation and inability to use the PLAY STORE is a major failing.Having to use other marketplace stores after installing them yourself is also a problem.There are much better Android devices out there than this one.Do yourself a favour and look at something else, especially the Jeserun Xplus devices.
    Look at other devices first, this is not the best model available to showcase the Android TV systems.


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