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If you want to purchase analog watch man, this is your best place to buy it. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Browse watches genuine man or men ik watch to find what you are looking for. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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analog watch man Customers Reviews

  • Beautiful metal designed wacht

    posted by mhcbrio

    Beautiful sport watch for men who likes metal designed watch. It has a nice display and its heavy enough to see that it has a good machine. Its good to use in daylight. Every markers are analog that gives a nice look to combine with social, sports or smart casual clothes. Chronograph and weekday display. I like so much the back mark impression. Gives authentic to the watch. People in my work like and said that will buy too.
    Very good item for the price. It's a good present too. Certainly your friends will have a good impression and you will not have to waste a lot of money. This one i bought to give it as a present but i will use it for me. (laugh). I'll buy more to give as a present.
    I recommend. That's the second WEIDE watch i bought and the third one is coming. Here in Brazil it has a good accept. I like to use one for each weekday. If i forgot to say something about this item be sure that's is irrelevant. As you can see i'm very satisfied.
  • I like it... a lot

    posted by nukenik

    This is a very attractive watch with an open view into the interior. It's self-winding or can be wound by knob. No batteries. So far, it's kept great time and looks very sharp. The band is big enough to fit even my thick wrist.
    One nice feature is the Blue-tinted hands on the watch. I have some other inside-revealed watches, and silver or gold hands are difficult to see. This little extra touch makes this much easier to check the time.
    I doubt you'll be disappointed if you buy one. If you do and don't care for it personally, it would make an impressive gift.
  • Very expensive looking watch for a small price

    posted by gotivac71

    Very beautifull, expensive looking and feeling, leather bracelet, great art work. Grey color of very fine metal case gives extraordinary elegance to this watch
    Very good product at reasonable - I can say very low price. Maybe it looks so great to me because color combination of black, grey, red and white is my favorite combination.
    Great looking product, excelent to be used as present.
  • A quality watch

    posted by FRogue

    First thing I've noticed, just as I took it out of the box, was how sturdy it felt. This thing is seriously made from some fine material. It most definitely won't fall apart as you're taking out the links and I bet it could survive a few non-brutal drops (not that I'd want to test it of course)
    This is weird, maybe because I didn't have many watches in my time, but I can actually hear the ticking sound (pretty loudly for my wolverine ears) and sometimes it get annoying. Don't worry, buster brown, it's not really a con, and I'm only mentioning it because I feel like it needs to be mentioned. And unless your reasons are really important and/or life threatening, don't let this little note stop you from buying this masterpiece.
    This is a very nice, sturdy and pretty damn useful watch. The price is pretty low, and I guarantee you - you'll get everything you pay for in this quality watch.
  • Cheap and nice large faced watch!

    posted by biggmama

    Watch came in box. Open up to see a large face, I mean really huge faced watch staring right in my face. Pleasantly surprised cos I didn't expect to see a nice looking watch with this price. Didn't quite like the strap though cos it looks old and a little tattered. The weight of watch is quite heavy, feels good and looks good!
    Wish it comes in other colour, I would love an army green piece!
    Worth the money for a nice looking watch. Dun expect too much though cos it might disappoint u. I didn't expect Moh and I've got a pleasant surprise!

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