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  • Beautiful

    posted by Josuezs

    This adapter is very very beautiful! Its very small, smaller then a credit card! The design is very pretty. But what really matters is that the converter works perfectly and satisfactorily.
    If you buy this adapter, make sure you also take home a digital audio cable (I bought the cable with SKU 135804 and it worked perfectly with this adapter). To start using the converter, just connect the digital audio cable in the device (which will send the signal) and the adapter, connecting the same to the light.
    I recomend this adapter to everyone.
  • Very useful, but no excellent sound in my case

    posted by csamg2002

    Very useful if you only have optical out in your tv and only analog input in your audio system.
    In my case, this is the only way to hear the tv through the audio system. It has both coaxial and toslink input and it has both RCA and miniplug as output.
    It do what it says, and it is small and it have a nice aspect.
  • Works fine.

    posted by crizr

    Small, nice construction (metal case) and connectors, standard 5V supply, good audio quality. Switches automatically between optical and coaxial inputs - when there is signal on both inputs, the optical one has priority.
    The optical jack was not firmly fixed on the board and would tilt back and forth into the case when connecting / disconnecting the cable - with time it might crack the solder joints and fail. I fixed it with a little bit of hot glue (had to open the case, braking the QC seal).
    Useful and worth it if you have an analog-only amp and noisy analog outputs, cable interference or ground loops with PC soundcards or other sources.
  • Good quality with small price tag

    posted by feelmat

    - Decent sound quality.- Really cheap - one must spent 5 times more to buy similar unbranded product in EU- Very nicely assembled - good quality of the outside.- Small and easy to hide comes quite handy in home appliances.
    EU mains adapter could have been included in the package, since there's space in the box.
    It's a good product for really little money. The quality of both assemble and the hw inside is decent. Also it's really hard to find this type of product cheaper.
  • very good product, same as described

    posted by geldiev

    Very good product, same as describedGood manufactured, look and feel same as photo on site. Solid rock, as hi-end professional adapters.My own scenario of using it D/A convertor:Useful to connect some of samsung TVs for wireless headphones without mute main speaker of TV.Used as altenative of Hi-Fi receiver in custom installation.
    Flat-knife connectors at power supply, in Russia need cheap adapter.
    Good Product, good quality, best seller.Thanks, DX, you make my holidays!


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