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  • Buen amplificador

    posted by juliov

    This gives very good amplifier output power with very little noise. music is mounted for moving two 8 ohm speakers in series, parallel is excessive because the audio level even the minimum of the source. It is with adjustable gain to a minimum. Not heated at all.
    I have a second amplifier in the car to try and spice up the speakers as standard, the source does not give much output.
    Totally recommended, not worth anything go riding.
  • A very useful item for me. I connect it between my TV and headphones.

    posted by rsebela

    It is very precise build. You can use power from USB (5V). Small size with switch potentiometer, adjust the volume and control power switch. Ideal for battery or portable products. I connect it (and powered it) to my smart TV, because output for headphones was not very loud. Now is all OK... :-)
    The price should be a little smaller. It should come with some nice box for install... :)
    A very useful item for me. I connect it between my TV and headphones...
  • Awesome!!! the price and quality is very good.

    posted by aleodiniz

    This little gadget is a very powerfull amplifier, easy to install and use, and with no lose of quality of the music (mp3,wav, and wma files).
    I linked my one to my car battery (12v) only using a fuse to protect him, and it works perfectly. I can link my phone and mp4 gadgets directly to him (using a proper cable) and listen music in the car speakers with no need of any cooler nor other sound equipment.
    You should use only good music files, because the noise can make the sound quality become low and the gadget becomes hot.
    This one transforms your mp4 into a very powerfull sound machine by a low price.
  • amazongly powerful and good sound quality

    posted by adjevanhethof

    - very low energy consumption on idle- good build quality: PCB is properly assembled with goor quality components- good sound quality, no quiescent noise, distortion or other audible artefacts. Frequency response is good also, deep powerfull bass and clear high.- powerfull sound, already starting at supply voltage levels from 8V.
    this is a great little amp that can be directly hooked up to an Ipod, mobile phone or media player. The potmeter has a smooth control and adapts for the typical output levels of these devicesI have combined the amplifier with a Bluetooth stereo receiver module and a Li-Ion battery pack, all available from DX, powering a set of old car speakers. This setup makes a great wireless boombox with lots of power and great sound quality, comparable with the ones that cost hundreds of dollars.
    great value for money and quality component.
  • a basic powered mp3 player

    posted by hansn

    The module automatically starts playing and repeating all songs. A small delay between songs, no clicks.
    The middle button works as pause, it starts/stops current song. When you hold longer than 1 second it will switch to another mode. Presumable using the line input. The nex/prev buttons now work as volume+/-. This mode is untested. A bit strange because the potmeter regulates the volume too. There is a on/of switch integrated in this potmeter.On the back there is a mute function without a connector. You will need a soldering iron for this.The LED is on when in pause, blinking when playing. When starting up this LED is blinking more quickly for about a second. Then it starts playing. Sound quality untested, with a 5 cm speaker the amp chip gets a bit warmer, I estimate about 30 degrees Celsius.
    a basic powered mp3 player. Works fine.


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