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  • hearing aid

    posted by Timo_Pyro

    it has a good build quality, it sounds very nice and clear and it does'nt make as much feedback as other hearing aids for this price.
    due to the battery eating problem here is a link to some cheap batteries that fit: Cell Batteries LR41 AG3 (100-Pack) (sku: 61)
    it works but if you want something that lasts you for a day or so befor replacing batteries this isn't what you are looking for.
  • Compact, cheap, stylish

    posted by kosgor

    Robust design, good equipment set for different size ears, batteries included. easy to set up and use, the battery can be placed in only one position, the polarity can not be confused. Understand even elderly people. Provides sufficient volume gain for ludey with razlichnyim hearing.
    The first time, we must get used to, although the ear derzhitsja reliably.
    Good value for money, fast delivery, I hope will be a long and reliable working. I recommend!

    posted by Anastase Tsiris

    Very good price for such quality hearing aid.. Very good material. I did not expect it to be so good. Very easy to use. Very usefull. Better that many costing thousands of dollars.
    Better then other brands costing thousand dollars, I found elsewhere, but did not bought.I am very happy with this one. It is the best.
    I bought also for my friends. I advise others to buy it also instead spending lot of dollars elsewhere. This one is all what you need.
  • Not a cheapest one, but very small and well working.

    posted by dreamwalker717

    Very small, looks nice, 2 batteries, working, simple to use, adjustable volume. Well build.
    This item I bought more than 2 months ago. First shipment came with defective product. After claim to DX, DX refunded me my postage cost of returning the item to them and sent me a new one, which is working perfectly. I would like also thanks to DX for the attitude and help in this case. This is what makes the customers to return :)
    As far as one needs an item to help him hear better, this one is the good choice. Yes, it costs more, but is very small, comes in nice plastic opening box with acessories. It is important to understand, that this item is amplifying the sound very simply. If you set the volume to max, you will here good on distance, but when someone comes close to you, it's too loud. This item has not advanced electronics, it will not compensate for your year to adjust the dB! You have to set it for the condition you need alone, so that you do not harm your ear! It's very well working and is very small, so it doesn't look like you were wearing a box in head :)) I can only recommend.

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