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aluminum textured reflector

This is our best aluminum textured reflector, they all share a great design and great prices. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

aluminum textured reflector Customers Reviews

  • Bright Drop In

    posted by heng84

    Bright.. Easy to use, comes with two reflectors personally i prefer the smo because its obviously brighter and and more throw, and the beam is pretty sweet too just be extra careful when you switch the reflectors and make sure ur emitter is centered to the dome when you are tightening or else you will scrap the dome of the led off.
    good stuff just hope that the driver can be drived harder. nice beam too
    much cheaper than its competitor if u know who.. its bright but not those kind of wow brightness
  • Used for an XM-L for Flood

    posted by NoReply12345678

    Hey, it's a well made reflector. No nicks, or bad spots in the OP finish. The dimensions were as stated and it came packaged well.
    I used this one in a SAiK with an XM-L T6 emitter and it made for a very nice flood light.
    Most all of the reflectors I have gotten here have been just great for the price.
  • Very good drop-in

    posted by pi3tr0

    Very good drop-in. It is the maximum output of light that you can get out from a Cree XM-L T6.It absorbs 1.2 Amps @ 10 Volt that makes 12W.The led XML-T& can handle 10W. If the driver has an efficiency about 80% than you will get 10W on the led.The white is almost neutral. It seems an XML T6-1C
    In a flashlight with 2 good 16850 with a real capacity of 2400 mA it could run for more than 90 minutes. In this case it can get hot and it needs a good heat sink
    I'm satisfied with this drop-in
  • These reflectors are awesome.

    posted by Forgiven

    These reflectors are surprisingly good. I use 4 in my M*glite with 4x Cree XRE emitters, I think 5 would fit in a circular pattern. Its the same reflector that came with my EDC 18650 light SKU 29096. With the reflector placed all the way down on the led it produces a very tight hot spot and long throw. If you put a rubber O ring around the emitter to lift the reflector so the bottom of it is near the top of the LED, then it produces a very large hot spot with bright spill good for making flood lights. The beam is fairly smooth in either case, in the 4x M*G with the reflectors lifted its like liquid gold. In the single emitter light I added light defuse film to get a perfect beam.
    For the money they are great. The beam quality is better that what you would expect from a cheap reflector. If you are willing to work with them a bit about any beam, throw, flood, or something in between is achievable.
  • Strong build for strong hands

    posted by siberianbat

    I use them to modd a Gilera Runner headlight (manufactured DMP, not an original). So, fits perfectly as near beam light. I cut some copper at tail and screw this reflector to big heatsink. My Luminus SSR-90 fits perfectly. If You plain to fit SSC-P7, You will need to drill this reflector to get suitable hole. I think it is acceptable and you get good SSC-P7 41.5mm reflector.
    Base has superior place for up to 19.5mm diameter constant current driver.
    Useful if suited by diameters))

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