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  • this kicks butt!

    posted by LEDniac

    relatively easy to buildright dimensions to fit many modelsexcellent heat dispersion unbeatable low price
    works like a charm with a Q5 emitterreally kicks butt. must have at least 200 lumen.
    fantastic chance to get a great build yourself drop in module. for very little $$
  • Nice one

    posted by Petsku

    Well made. Clear spot with no extra line.
    Solid aluminium does not melt when overheated while testing. Actually it can conduct heat away from led. All measures are same with other reflector, so building several lights with one model can be done
    I have built a packet where there was five of these compared to an other light with six other brands reflectors and this one beated them like nothing.
    Works perfectly with Cree Q5 and because of threads it can replace old reflector by just drilling and making new threads
  • Monster thrower

    posted by Flav_3

    Throw, and Tons of it. I'm only using this reflector with an xml(an over driven one) but it has more throw than any HID I've ever seen. I can only imagine what it does with a dedomed one. I have lots of land around the house and at 500 ft this lights up anything like daylight. My nearest visible neighbor is at around 1000 ft and I'm afraid he'll complain that I keep spotting his house. Yeah it reaches that far.
    If you have a host, I highly recommend this product. From what I hear it works really well with most emitters. Buy it
  • DX is shipping the wrong reflectors

    posted by EL34xyz

    Nice reflector, The first one I got was 34.8 diameter as is shown in the product description and fits into an existing product I own perfectly.
    I hope DX gets this sorted out quickly. They are shipping the wrong reflectors.
    Make sure you are receiving the correct 35mm diameter reflector and not the 37mm diameter reflector. Save your shipping envelope, they want photo's of the front and back.
    see info above
  • Great quality with a beautiful reflective surface.

    posted by MStee

    I purchased two of them and both have a smooth, highly reflective finish with no visible imperfections. It slides perfectly into the head of a 2D Maglite with about 0.5 mm of play.
    I'm sure there other lights out there for which this reflector is compatible. I just need to make a trip to my lathe guy and have the lip shaved down.
    Very nice reflector and a good price. Will consider it again for future projects.

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