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aluminum rail Customers Reviews

  • Barrel ad on

    posted by Steiner1000

    The product was shipped well and came in a small white box. It will fit on the end of a 12 gauge shot gun barrel. Have not tried it yet on my .22s but I think the arc on the bracket maybe a bit much for smaller barrels. It will work well on an SKS.
    Maybe best for airguns and air soft but still good as a flashlight mod for a real firearm..
    Buy it and try it.
  • Very good mount

    posted by husajn

    Low cost mount for GoPro Hero. I use it for my GoPro Hero 3 Black Ed. With Aluminum Alloy Tactical Gun Single Rail Mount for 25mm / 30mm Barrels - Black . It works :-)
    I need something like this also for my others rifles without rail mount. I must go through DX deals for gopro one more time.
    If you want to make movies from your rifle just buy it. Very usefull. Easy to mount. Looks good. Low cost. It works also with GoPro , GoPro 2. More usefull things like this for my GoPro!
  • Very good product

    posted by Moulindu

    I used it mounting my display unit to it, though it is used for mounting of camera. The hole made on the base is best suited for attaching your required device(4.3" lcd display in my case). Three holes made on the base make it more convenient & flexible to use it according to your necessity.
    The rail mount adapter is solid built, dont be confused by its price. the moment you hold it in your hand you can feel the wight of it.
    Very good product for the price. Fast shipping
  • Perfect for my Guns

    posted by Kendolph

    Very nicely made good looking good fitting. They fit my G36 RIS Airsoft Gun, M4 (Milsig K-Series) Paintball Gun and will fit almost anything out there.
    I like the rails all the way. I even reordered them again.
    Very nice very useful and exactly what I needed.
  • Great lightweight 45 degree mount

    posted by dfaichuk86

    Lightweight, lighter then the original SKU 44077.Large thumb screw for quick disconnect.Picatinny section is hollow and the lower notches of the pic section are completely hollow allowing for more clearance for various locking pin depths.middle of the mount is notched out more for better clearance for irons.
    Bough then specifically to replace SKU 44077 I had on a paintball gun so the red dot was quick disconnect. The other mount is more a permanent solution as it does not have a thumb screw and has 2 hex bolts. this mount also takes up less rail space as the picatinny rail section extends further.
    This is a great QD 45 degree mount, lighter then SKU 44077 and generally better for an addition $1.50

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