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  • Hard and good Tripod Ball Head

    posted by Rulassie

    Its a very hard and good tripod ball head.It have two security knobs to tighten it.Good aluminium construction.
    I bought it to make a handmade skate-dolly. It works perfectly and that makes the skate be so usefull now.
    Good ball head. Good construction. If you need one, buy that, if works perfectly.
  • Strong and smooth ball head

    posted by jpaznaveiro

    Strong enough to hold a Nikon D3100 + 300mm lens. It can eve hold a 20x80 binocular.The movement is smooth and the two levels help to keep it aligned.The release mechanism is fast and easy to lock/unlock.
    A bit of grease in the ball help to make the movements even smoother.
    Nice ballhead for a cheap price. It can even match other tripod heads costing twice.
  • Very good led array

    posted by pete1975

    Very good led component on these bulb led array. Surpass COB led array such as 181169 in both efficiency and total light output, with the same 3000k tint. Over 110 lM/W for sure at 300 mA drive current. Nice overall color tint.
    Three of those array should easily replace two 60W incan bulb in a dome light fixture retrofit. Each round pcb can be screw to the metal bottom plate of a light fixture for heat sinking. The dome glass act as a light diffuser. Could use two of them in series with 32-64V driver (190379).
    For those who want to try bulb fixture retrofitting with LED, these round led array offers an interesting starting point at affordable cost. Choose driver and number of array for the desired light output. Less wasted light than retrofit bulbs.
  • Good for DIY

    posted by VitalyNam

    it's cheap and strong aluminium plate.I soldered 3W led on it and with full load(from Li Ion) based warmed until 40-43C(I forget to put some thermoglue under the led).I'm going to use them at kitchen capboard, at the bottom.1x3 w led will give enough light for seeing at full darkness and 2x3w give as much light as 15 halogen lamp.
    Maybe it will be better offer for user plates for 3x3w led as well ? 5 x1 led is to expensive.Or maybe there are should pairs with reflector ?
    I would like to buy them, if there are will be cheaper version for single 3w led or with reflector
  • Very useful sling attachment plate

    posted by djherceg

    This is the second sling attachment plate I ordered from DX. I use it for my M4 airsoft replicas. It offers the possibility to carry the M4 on one's chest, where it's easy to reach quickly, should you need it. It is very easy to install - just slide the stock off the buffer tube, unscrew the tube and remove the original butt plate. Replace it with the sling plate, screw the buffer tube back to the body, slide the stock onto the tube and there you have it. Now you can attach your magpul sling (for example SKU: 94600) either in two point or one point configuration. Just take care to orient the plate the correct way. Two loops should be to the left, and one loop to the right, when facing back to front.
    Very good sling attachment plate. Every airsofter with an M4 replica should have one!
    A good product at an unbelievably affordable price.

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