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  • excelent vintage compass

    posted by vela

    Very fine details, a good work was placed in order to make it look vintage and old fashioned. The glow in the dark feature is a pro, but what impressed me was the overall classic look. A perfect match for my bookcase when I'm not using it.
    I got this one for the classic look, and the glow in the dark feature in not being used and I don't see any use for it.
    Worth the price, absolutely.
  • Good Pocket-size Container

    posted by jopat

    Good Pocket-size Container. Very handy on-the-go container for small-size objects. Good build and lightweight. A rubber ring is included for waterproofing. The twist-lock is located at the bottom, so it is less likely to accidentally open the container (less gripping/friction area for knobbing) .
    The length of 3.11" in the description is wrong. The real length is just slightly over 2". Random colors are shipped. I ordered 5 of this and I'm glad I didn't receive the camouflage one. I got a nice Xmas-theme set: 1x yellow/gold, 1x green, 2x red, 1x silver.
    Whether you need it now or not, there will come a time that you will definitely need something like this. If you bought a pocket storage like this one, one day you will be glad that you have one of this stored in your closet.
  • Great Value

    posted by choqqy

    This is a great price compared to the quality.
    It holds a surprising amount. It will hold your daily medications and is useful way to take your meds when you go shopping for the day.
    I like the screw down cap, as my previous pillbox had a slip fit, so that often I would find my meds at the bottom of my bag. The screw-down lid will certainly prevent this.
    I think this may be water-proof. It does have a rubber O-ring to prevent water infiltration. If it is, I can see equipping my camper family members with this little pod to keep fire-starting matches dry.
    This is a secure compact little pod which may find other uses, like a small sewing kit for travelling.
    I'll be purchasing a few more of these and use some of them as gifts.
  • Mini Aluminum Alloy Refillable Butane Flint Lighter w/ Keychain - Silver

    posted by blondulro

    Small little lighter simple but well build. Very small to get lost in your pocket or perfect for your keychain. Perfect for a smoker because is compact and lights every time.
    Best lighter I have purchase from DX . I got many lighters but this is the one I like the most because is so compact.
    Good product Price / quality
  • goof

    posted by ruggi91

    beautiful keychain but you can not open the bottles with them because they are aluminum and crumbles are great but as soon as we try to embellish a bunch of keys or to make an original gift to a friend and make him happy
    are beautiful to hold as key rings and make them look good, do we get 12 in a pack and are all colored a beautiful gift item for friends and family
    Always no problem with this wonderful site purchases overseas everything perfect as usual super convenient site

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