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aluminum iphone golden Customers Reviews

  • Beautiful stuff

    posted by aruninsiva

    It's a very cute object. You will fall in love with it at the moment you see it.., hahax. The material is firm and the design is awesome. It's built is seems like it's a very expensive one. Price is cheap, but the quality you won't need to compromise. Packaging was quite good when it arrived. Thank you guys for the service.
    Mine is 5S gold. And this case is the " made for each other" stuff. Not planning to buy more since I expect my current one won' get spoil that easily. :P
    Cheap but classy. Beautiful and awesome. Worth of money. Deal extreme rocks. I will recommend for people who's having a 5S gold. They makes the pair.
  • styling stylus

    posted by kentme

    inexpensive, looks good. Seems decent quality. Haven't used them yet, but the initial inspection seems pretty decent I think. They are quite shiny and flashy looking.
    For the price point, it's a no brainer. Bought a few for work... The gold is quite bright and shiny
    Looks good and costs little - go for it. Unless you want to find that exact, perfect one at some local computer shop for $15-20 dollars instead.
  • Good looking bumper cover for iPhone 5s

    posted by mosruio

    Looks amazing.Protects the phone without covering it up too much.Feels sturdy enough.Did I mention the looks already?
    While not being a perfect fit for the iPhone 5s and despite the occasional annoying clicking sounds it makes, the case just looks loo amazingly good not to buy. It has extremely easy, but safe locking mechanism, reinforced edges and it doesn't interfere too much with the buttons (only power button is a bit hard to press)
    Well worth the price, but not a perfect fit for the phone it's designed for. Looks amazing thought.
  • Love-hate

    posted by justhamy

    its really really pretty! i was in a hunt of a golden iphone case and when i found it i was really excited!
    beside this velvet issue i reeeally love this and i still use it!
    for the price, i would recommend buying it :)
  • Nice update for your phone

    posted by PatriqB

    Although I haven't actually measured the capacity, my impression is that this battery is better than the original battery. It fits with a breeze and the price is comparative with the original battery taking in to account the capacity.
    It is possible that the lifespan is shorter than the original battery, even though the capacity is higher. I don't have any way to judge this, since I've owned the battery for such a short time. In all honesty the lifespan might just as well be as long as, or longer than the original dit.
    Nice update for your phone.

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