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  • Better socket to build lamp modules

    posted by 61juri

    Excellent led plate. It also work as a heat sink.
    In my experience is better to first apply some solder wire with a 60W solder to every contact on the plate. As a second step, you can do the same to the led tips and finally sold one of the led legs to the plate. Put some silicon grease on the bottom of the led and apply again the solder so the thermal contact between the led and the plate is perfect. uper recommended!
  • small good and cheap heatsink

    posted by patrikjohansson

    These are awesome! i have a computer i leave on for months just to download stuff, i used these heatsinks not only for my ram, but for several motherborad chips, hard drive chips and lots of stuff in the computer. It helps a lot with the
    I put a CPU watercooler on my graphic card which left the memories without any cooling and they would overheat. With these I can overclock a lot and no problems at all!
    Well worth the price, you get 8 of them and they do what they are intended to do. Buy them and save your chipsets some extra lifetime or push them beyond their normal capabilities.
  • Very good heatsink for the Raspbery Pi

    posted by MonoS94

    The two main heatsinks are made of copper, a very good thermal conductive material and are very useful for the chip you are supposed to mount on, the third one is made of aluminum but is not a problem because the component on which you should mount on don't made a lot of heat.The adhesive material is very good also, once sticked on the chip will not take off easily, even if you lift the raspberry pi the heatsink.
    Very good heatsink for the raspberry.
    You need this item if you want to use your RPi 24/7 also the chip will became very hot [even more in summer]
  • Bring some decoration to your kitchen

    posted by acb13nrv

    Well, it decorates your kitchen in a fashion way.Colors are bright. Printing resolution is good.Well packed in original bag.Easy of use. Just Clean the wall, peel off protecor, spray some water, and apply on wall.Quality seems ok.
    Could come rolled in a tube, not folded.
    All in all it is a good sticker for the price.Have to see how it gets after some time and kitchen uses...
  • Works great!

    posted by GreenTechNetwor

    Just like the blue AVE X3 heat sinks, these ones do a great job of dissipating heat. They seem to be the same exact heatsinks as the blue ones, just with a gold paint coating. They come with some thermal tape attached to the bottom of them.
    I used them to cool of my Raspberry Pi's CPU. They do a great job of dissipating heat and keeping the CPU cool.
    Buy them to cool of IC's, CPU's, and RAM. I can feel the heat rising from them, so the thermal tape definitely does a good job at transferring the heat to the heat sink.

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