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  • A good deal

    posted by taquiman

    Pannovo G-105 suction cup is a very usefull product and can hold without any problem my Gopro. The general sensation when I use it is that the suction is very solid so I feel quite confident when using it.The aluminium tripod mount included is excellent.
    It would be better to have better plastic on junctions, but for this price, this product is unbeatable
    Buy it!
  • Perfect for adult parties

    posted by SweetSwede

    Very sturdy build, you would have to work really hard trying to alter it's shape.Super cute martini glass design for adult guests.
    Once I do bake with this I will decorate the cookies with a green smarties chocolate drop and frosting for the stick.It made it through the dishwasher machine with no problems.
    Buy it and try it out if you like to bake!
  • Good atomizer with affordable price!

    posted by BlueSky168

    Very useful for you when you'd like to bring some of your favorite perfumes with you without worry of bringing the whole bottle, and you might accidentally broke it. It's very practical.
    I love the glass tube which is better to keep the perfume intact.
    The size is about the same as a lipstick case, just a bit taller for about 1.2cm from my clinique lipstick.
    I think you can refer to the photos from other customers for more details.
    I think this can be use for storing other liquid as alcohol/rubbing alcohol, or mosquito repellent.
    Buy this one, if you buy more than one with the same color, labeling would be wise to avoid some mix up :-)
  • Perfume spray bottle posh version

    posted by VasaX

    Small.Compact.The container is from glass.Looks nice (i bought this for a girl, based on my good experience with silver ones)
    There should be male version for this!!!The silver is better, but it still look too lady's.But I can live with that, because have a dose of perfume in my EDC backpack is worth it. I would never take whole bottle, but this is great.
    Well, buy it. As far as I know there is no not too small and not too big substitute for this (there is one more "male" but 6ml, double the volume).Pick this one or the silver version. It's great.
  • Very cheap and functional

    posted by cezzinhaa

    Very easy to use, plug and play is only to fix the sticker on the phone and close the lens that it sticks to the magnet and is ready to use. Great for making films with higher capture angle. No need instruction to use the product, just attach the adhesive. Works on all devices with flat surface for attaching the adhesive. The adhesive is good and sticks well to the material of the phone. It is great to put on webcam notebook laptops.
    Great product quality, brushed aluminum with high quality paint, super easy to carry in your pocket, comes with a keychain to carry lens. The magnet that comes with the product is super strong and the lens does not move after you glued to the phone. With the lens has excellent image quality.
    Recommend the lens to all mobile phone users who make movies and panoramic photos and footage. optimal cost-benefit ratio as it is a product with high quality and very easy to use.

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