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aluminum bicycle bell

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aluminum bicycle bell Customers Reviews

  • Usefull and cheap

    posted by Angle

    It fulfills its function. Looks kind of cheap, but it should last.
    I am musing about writing an essay about this wonderful invention.
    A bicycle bell is a percussive signaling instrument mounted on a bicycle for warning pedestrians and other cyclists. The bell is a required piece of equipment in some jurisdictions.[1][2][3][4] They usually mounted on the handlebars and thumb activated. The bicycle bell was invented by John Richard Dedicoat,[citation needed] and patents for bicycle bells appear as early as 1877.[5] The most common bells are actuated by a thumb-operated lever that is geared to rapidly rotate two loosely-slung metal discs inside the bell housing. Said discs repeatedly rattle and strike the bell to produce a sound not unlike that of an electric bell. Simpler types also exist, with a spring-mounted external clapper that produces a "ding-ding" sound when the clapper is pulled with a finger and released. - Wikipedia.
  • Handy little bell

    posted by th3pr4wn

    Lightweight bell, simple bell to use, easy bell to attach and mount to the bike with one screw. Anodizing colour is strong and looks good quality. Very easy and simple to use. Cheap price.
    Cheap price outweighs the cons.
    I'd recommend this item if you want a cheap bell for safety. Buy a few and give them to the kids etc and have a couple spare.
  • when you need a golden bicycle bell, this is it

    posted by ndftz2

    nice satisfying ding.. feels more polite than my previous 'ding
    for a gold bell. this works and affixes easily.
    where I live (brisbane, Australia) you get a $50 fine if you do not have a bell.
    for much less than the cost of the fine, i have a cool looking bell with great acoustics.
    i would have preferred an all silver or brushed metal finish bell but now that i've gone the golden path, i need to get other golden accessories for my ride
    get it here if you need it. probably the best bell on DX

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