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aluminum alloy keychain

You can buy cheap aluminum alloy keychain from us. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Find more hot gadgets at aluminum alloy stand and aluminum alloy touchpad. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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aluminum alloy keychain Customers Reviews

  • Great to put inside a USB 2.0 Flash/Jump Drive

    posted by dsf70

    You can put a lot of things inside.
    I buy it just to put inside a USB 2.0 Flash/Jump Drive, to protect the infomation that I have in the USB.
    Great for trips to keep the information, save pictures.
    Maybe is big for medicaments but you have a small one like the SKU 34158 an it is cheapest.
    The keychain ring is so big, but you can change it.
    It's exactly what I want it.
  • Aluminum Alloy Glow-in-the-Dark Compass w/ Keychain - Golden Yellow

    posted by Nae8eaN

    This compass really glow in the total darkness and amaze me i though this will not glow in the dark. reading of this compass is very accurate and tested on my iPhone and iPad compass there result is same as my new glow in the dark compass and light weight to carry on travel.
    if they can add planisphere on the locket more beautiful ^_^
    the box comes with a manual and compass. if the glow is not so bright on the total darkness you can recharge it by putting your compass on the near light like flash light or direct sunlight.
  • Very nice flaslight

    posted by Paraiso83

    Very nice Flashlight. Is small what means that you can really use it as a Keychain, having it always in hand, ready for use.As it is LED flashlight the batteries last for a long time, and it gives a good amount of light.It has a good quality build, being made of metal. It lock lick it cam take allot.
    For every day use when u need a small light in hand.
    Very good, if u need a small light to have always with you, this is a good choice.
  • Very Good buy

    posted by ulissessigma

    I've tried some times and this seems to bem a very good buy! * The whistle is loud enough and it has an space in the base where you can hide some survival stuff.
    It's good to have an survival whistle close, you don't know when you will need it, but when this time comes, you'll be prepered with one of these.
    Buy it! It is a very good buy! with good price and you can stay with one and sell the other four for your friends so the price get's even lower...
  • Great Value

    posted by choqqy

    This is a great price compared to the quality.
    It holds a surprising amount. It will hold your daily medications and is useful way to take your meds when you go shopping for the day.
    I like the screw down cap, as my previous pillbox had a slip fit, so that often I would find my meds at the bottom of my bag. The screw-down lid will certainly prevent this.
    I think this may be water-proof. It does have a rubber O-ring to prevent water infiltration. If it is, I can see equipping my camper family members with this little pod to keep fire-starting matches dry.
    This is a secure compact little pod which may find other uses, like a small sewing kit for travelling.
    I'll be purchasing a few more of these and use some of them as gifts.


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