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Finding your favorite alloy frame sunglasses is easy in our product catagories. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

alloy frame sunglasses Customers Reviews

  • Okay, but not quite as good as some of those previously available

    posted by spheric

    Nice LookingDarkPassers-by can't see your eyes through themWill do the job, without problemsComes with a good quality case
    I bought these because they looked like a slightly less "bright and shiny" version of SKU 154408 (which I bought at the same time).My thinking was more-or-less accurate. They're a touch more reflective than would seem from the DX pictures, but certainly less attention-grabbing than the other SKU.
    If you're really taken with the looks of this design, then its worth a shot: particularly at DX prices. However, if you're used to the older models of DX sunglasses, you may be disappointed with the quality.
  • Really nice glasses

    posted by souljor

    - Really really nice design, the red trim is fantastic
    - Build quality is excellent, mine have survived 2 holidays and my girlfriend even took them to Glastonbury and they survived!
    - They look way more expensive than they are
    If you like the look of them then buy them, they are built really well and look super cool.
  • Great Glasses

    posted by Maxiprogmetal

    Good quality glasses and excelent price. The Glasses come in a hard protective case, so is easy to transport them without any risk of breaking them. The frame is heavy and seem to be resistent. The glass tone it's nice too.
    I don't think they can be used as outdoor glasses because the sun light filtration is low. But they are cool if you want to use them indoor or as part of a costume.
    Very good glasses for the price, I recomend them.
  • Awesome

    posted by kamalmustafa1

    For those who wish to buy RAY BAN AVIATOR and cant afford 350$ or so on then this sun glasses is better then ray ban 1) Price is very cheap even anyone can arrange 2) the frame is flexible and cant be broked 3) can wash easily4) Pouch is good too5) Color is attractive
    this one is look kool and it will be easy to impress girl as well :P
  • Great Glasses

    posted by mellodroid

    - The frame is fairly light and quite strong. - The red rubber pads on the arms add a nice bit of flair.- Lenses are indeed polarized! Great for driving.- Comes with a hard-shell, felt lined carrying case with plastic carabiner as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth.
    - The frame looks slightly large on my face as I currently have short hair. Medium or long hair length would work well with these glasses.
    They look like designer sunglasses at a fraction of the price.

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