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alloy clamp Customers Reviews

  • Its a Seat-post quick release and tail light.

    posted by BigIronOlO

    Well made, all aluminum. Simple, clean construction. light is bright, push on silicone light(button) once for solid on, again for incremental blinking and again to turn off.
    This looks great and works to my expectations. I use it very day when riding home from work at night.
    IF it fits its a great simple bike light, if it doesn't you'll need some make shift shim or collar rings to adjust size.See pics for measurements.
  • Very useful clamp!!

    posted by paolobgarcia

    Excellent grip....., does what it's supposed to do......., theres a rubber attached so it will not scratch your equipment / tripod..... excellent craftmanship! sturdy...
    a must have for expert photographers who use sophisticated equipments......, holds on just everything!
    if you need it buy it!..........if you don't just look for some other stuff that is useful.. .... it's at least useful to me, i used it with the magic arm.......
  • Very much like the Manfrotto Nano

    posted by ttowntom

    A really good quality product for a good price. I own Manfrotto Nano clamps as well and this one opens wider than those. The turning handle drags out for better positioning and grip.
    I work in the film industry and use all kinds of clamps all the time. I will give these a few projects worth of testing before I start praising them too highly, however right out the box they look very stable.
    High quality considering the price. Opens wider than the Manfrotto Nano clamp. Don't except the rubber part on the inside of the clamp to hold up.
  • pipe clamp closing seat

    posted by hernan100

    es un producto de alta calidad y exelente funcionamiento, es de aluminio anodizado negro con variacion de ajuste, regulacion de torque. manija palanca facilde manejar.
    justo lo que yo buscaba, para mantener mi sillín a la altura justa, si presto mi bici a alguien puede bajar o subir facilmente el asiento, si tengo que transportar la bicicleta le puedo sacar el asiento muy facilmente...
    un producto muy recomendable, util y muy durable, cuidandolo puede estar toda la vida de la bicicleta.
  • using this one to hold my binoculars on trypod

    posted by itzick

    i looked for a holder for a pair of binoculars to watch stars @night my binocular ( BCP-2 , 12x45 ) should be held very steady for a night watch - but the design of it missing tripod screw ...so i started to look for a solutionchecked a lot of things - but this the only one that does a trickwhile it's not small/big enough to hold a center of binocular - it's easely holds one of "tubes" and this way binocular can be attached to a tripod
    in the other though , the "cons" can be easily solved by buying 99 cent ( or even cheaper ) screw thread adapter and you get a same screw size on both holes ..
    if you need to hold your binoculars and you have no attachment to a tripod - this is a thing you need ..

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