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  • Very good handlebar grip

    posted by sahhha

    -The hand comfortably lays down on the grip. -Fixing simple and the dense. -More than a year used same. The previous Aluminum Alloy Bar End Grip broke when falling but rescued the cycle computer a call and a headlight...
    The bar ends and their ergonomic form, create comfort, convenience and complete control during movement
    Recommended for a better handlebar grip with bar end for your bike and for protection of accessories set on a wheel
  • Incredibly light

    posted by fmmartins

    NIce finishing. VERY LIGHT, only 11g each! Incredible.Fits firmly to my carbon fiber handlebar.You could use it in the middle of the handlebar. I'll buy another and do this.
    color is bright
    It is VVERY light! if you are looking for performance, buy it. If you want to pedal for long distances and want confort, maybe you should find another bar end.
  • Robust lightweight Quick Release Skewers 62 g

    posted by mabiteam

    Both really weight 62 gramms only, not 70g as advertised. Perfect for weight-fetishists. With their high quality finish they look much stronger than on the picture, there is material only where is needed.
    I use them on a real racing mountain bike of my son(8years, 25Kg), in combination of all other blue coloured AEST parts of DX program.They are low cost, because of best design, this does not mean cheap. But for sure they are worth the money.
    Nothing else found on the market for similar price.Robust and only 62 gramms for both for less than $18.There are some cons, but if correctly used, they are the perfect solution, especially for lightweight bikers.
  • nice grips

    posted by failbooru

    Very solid, reasonable size and tilt angle, relatively light. The plastic cap on the end of the grip have a recess for your thumb, feels very comfortable. The coating is matt and quite thick: no scratches visible after 5 months of everyday use.
    The shape of the grip is a little oval in crosscut, but I don't consider it a con because they still are thick and comfortable.
    Good item, buy it for great justice.
  • Good brakes at perfect price

    posted by fottybg

    Really cheap, almost twice cheaper from the ones I can buy in the bicycle shop. The set is full, I mean you got all the thing you will need to install it on your bicycle, even more than that. The pads included looks good, I personally haven't tried it. I installed it with SKU: 32990 and work great.
    Great brake, will buy again if I need and already recommended it to friends.
    I recommend it to anyone that needs a new brakes.

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