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alloy bicycle pedal

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alloy bicycle pedal Customers Reviews

  • Pretty much what it says.

    posted by yon2k2

    fits the wheels screws, and the pedals also.strong, will not break (fell several times and nothing happen). the external sockets are a great idea because most bikes will require it.it definitely saved me 5 visits to the bicycle shop. the 15 mm socket is pretty hard to find anywhere.
    also good for other works.
    if you think you need one get it now before it sold out. really recommended for all bike owners.
  • Recommended Replacement Pedals

    posted by timtak

    Not at all heavy. Light I would say but I have not weighed them. Bright cheerful colour. Appears well made, with no apparent flaws and robust. Sealed Bearings. Nice box. Double reflectors. Ability to attach clips (but see con).
    My Shimano Deore pedals with their open bearings started to click feel gravelly. A bearing or two had cracked. MY LBS declined to service the bearings. The tool and bearings would have cost me 10 USD plus my labour. I could not be bothered (maybe one day). But replacement pedals are surprisingly expensive typically about 50 USD where I am (Deore pedals now discontinued were 56USD a pair).The sealed bearings do not spin as freely as the open-bearing Deore but they have as little friction in use. I use them with clips on my commute - about 4km at up to about 30kmh.
    Great cost performance.
  • Well built

    posted by gionik

    The quality material is very good. Also, the anti-slip pegs are very useful, as the foot will stay on the pedal, under wet/snow conditions.The reflecting part of the pedal is very nice mounted, and I assume that it can be replaced if needed.
    The pedals are easy to mount, also the weight is not to high, and the quality is very good.
    Bottom line - it is a very good product, the price is ok in relation with the quality. Cheaper pedals can be found, but the quality cannot be the same level. I recommend this product for replacing the stock pedals of the bike.
  • Best for your bike

    posted by jhderojas

    Nice color, nice element and nice combination of aluminium. Perdurable and hard to break. More aluminium than other I have seen for the same price.Your feet will fit fine and you can do a lot of force.Cheap and nice.
    Nice for every bike. Very hard and durable.
    It will be nice if a right and left signal on them.
  • Good pedals

    posted by karkul

    * Only weighing 125 grams each, heavy with an electronic scale.* It seems quality pedals.* The bearing looks good, rotates slowly when pushed by hand, but turns very good when you are pedaling, just as high end pedals.* The outer material is black iron.* It's good to have reflector.
    I've used them for two months and have no scratches
    I think they are very good pedals, my old pedals eighed 225gr each and rotates very bad compared to these.

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