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alligator clips Customers Reviews

  • What to say

    posted by lgmoreira

    -- They do what they need to do.
    -- They do that well. :-)
    -- Good price.
    -- The insulation has a good size, you can snap them and cover the contacts effectively.
    -- There are also other options of size available from DX.
    -- If you solder wires on them it might be difficult to put the cover back, but the the following to make that easy:
    After you soldered, snap the clip on something thick so that the clip stays half open and then slide the cover back into the correct place.
    If you need alligator clips, buy some of these or of the other sizes DX has.
  • Great Product

    posted by ksenchy

    This product is mainly used for prototyping on your breadboard, one like SKU: 118354. The alligator clips are good sized and they perform very well. It can be used to power your breadboard in combination with two male to male wires, which are then held in alligator clips or vice versa.
    Awesome product.
    It's really cheap and the quality is awesome, perfect buy.
  • works well, after fixing.

    posted by Bonejj

    nice size wire, probably 20-22 gauge, well insulated. great length for being able to put the unit and power supply where every you want them to be at.
    I got these to use with my LED controllers, it seems to be the standard connector for most of those types of devices.
    works but could be better for the price charged. Seems like they should only cost 2 bucks.
  • Very usefull stuff

    posted by polyvox091283

    Well, you know, is just a bunch of alligator clamps.But this things are pretty good and the work get so much more easier and practical if you have some of thesse things to help you organize wires, or to make good and safe connections to measure power with your multimeter. It works great for a lot of things.
    It's a good product , considering the price and the fat that you can use it in a lot of situations.
    I wouldn't even think abou use this things with any kind of repair or measurement that inlvolves High voltage.For all the rest os small work, this things are perfect and works like a charm
  • Good grabbing power

    posted by Lucask

    These are not weak clips, the spring is quite strong.The length is good enough to jumper power, etc.
    Don't use these clips in copper-unfriendly environments where the copper can oxidize, unless you intend to solder the copper to the lead.
    Excellent value. No failures upon receipt. If you're really concerned with the solderless job, then simply solder the wire to the clips.

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