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alligator clips crocodile Customers Reviews

  • Good grabbing power

    posted by Lucask

    These are not weak clips, the spring is quite strong.The length is good enough to jumper power, etc.
    Don't use these clips in copper-unfriendly environments where the copper can oxidize, unless you intend to solder the copper to the lead.
    Excellent value. No failures upon receipt. If you're really concerned with the solderless job, then simply solder the wire to the clips.
  • Good product for that price

    posted by achselbaron

    The springs are working well and have a good strength, so you don't have to be scared that the clamps will leave their place. The clamps are copper. Cables can be crimped to the clamps.
    I wouldn't use that for 100A, at least not for a long time. 50 seem more legit, I think. So don't have the idea to use that product for emergency starting ore similiar things.
    Good price/quality ratio. Springs are strong and well working. But the clamps shouldn't be used for 100A.
  • Good quality, solderable croc clips at a great price

    posted by knaveindustries

    Well made, with nice surface finish and teeth that actually mesh. Easily soldered, can attach up to 16 gauge stranded wire with no problem. Crimp tabs as well for insulation clamping. Color coded insulation boots cover all but the business end of the device. Boots are very shiny so as to be easily kept clean. Small enough at the toothed end to be able to fit in between components for testing, measuring. I clamped one to a 0402 component (!).
    The shipping was quick and they were properly packaged for the trip in a ziplock bag inside of a bubble lined mailer.
    All things considered I would say these are exactly what I was looking for
  • They're alligator clips

    posted by Redsnertz

    They're alligator clips (Crocodile clips to my continental friends) and they do what they're supposed to; grip and conduct. I'm actually a bit surprised at how well the jaws mesh on 9 out of the 10. I've bought clips that cost about 10 times as much at a ubiquitous American electronics chain that shall remain nameless, and the best of that set was about as good as the worst of this set.
    A couple of them are going to become addition grips on my helping hand; some nice, thick solid copper wire as the "arm" and there you go.
    Buy a set to keep on hand.


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