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alligator clip test Customers Reviews

  • Don't miss these in your electronics lab

    posted by incyi

    These crocodile clip cables are a must have for every electronics lab. You can not life without these. You can use it to connect to batteries, circuits, test clips and even more different stuff.The cables are oke for this price.The crocodile clips are oke.You get 10 pcs for 6,75. So +- 0,67 cents for each.
    It will be a great idea to buy 2 sets of this.
  • works well, after fixing.

    posted by Bonejj

    nice size wire, probably 20-22 gauge, well insulated. great length for being able to put the unit and power supply where every you want them to be at.
    I got these to use with my LED controllers, it seems to be the standard connector for most of those types of devices.
    works but could be better for the price charged. Seems like they should only cost 2 bucks.
  • They're alligator clips

    posted by Redsnertz

    They're alligator clips (Crocodile clips to my continental friends) and they do what they're supposed to; grip and conduct. I'm actually a bit surprised at how well the jaws mesh on 9 out of the 10. I've bought clips that cost about 10 times as much at a ubiquitous American electronics chain that shall remain nameless, and the best of that set was about as good as the worst of this set.
    A couple of them are going to become addition grips on my helping hand; some nice, thick solid copper wire as the "arm" and there you go.
    Buy a set to keep on hand.
  • Test alligator clips small size, good insulated.

    posted by lasermanathome

    Why buy the alligator clips separate, can be an argument.This is my answer, the wire used with complete alligator wires is awfull thin and bad connected.That causes much trouble, what can be reduced by some soldering but the thin copper wires will burn with a few Amps and give a toxic and nasty smell.
    In the past I've bought several of the colored sets but they did not last long.Proper wiring and good solder-mounted, 5 Amps and no troubles are what you have earned and black /red is in most cases enough.From old green and yellow clips I've made ground and signal wires, works perfect.
    Make your own connectionwires with these or the bigger clips.Defect wires belong to the past and the frustration about this too.
  • exactelly what you need

    posted by dadinow

    It's always uselfull to have such things in you repair box.banana: goodalligator:goodcable:good
    I'm amazed the price i can get this in the store aroind here.and for the same quality.As mentioned , this is uselfull but i must confess not really necesay for the "real pro around"but so i can make rapid prototype and test .Do not hesitate to watch gor another bana plug on the site either , sometime refered as loudspeaker conector.and do not expeect to go in the high power (large amount of amp).perfect for electronic experimentleave one pair in the car , in the office.in the rapir boxand completely trash another one in a sily experiment.
    You have to wait for it .in the store you can view it and buy it imediatelly.


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