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all in one charger Customers Reviews

  • FandyFire All-in-One Battery Charger with 18650 Batteries Set

    posted by Josenarciso

    Hi dears, i'm very satisfied with this charger it is very simple to use and very effective, i can put one or two batteries 18650, there is a led red or green to know when the bateries are charged. it is made in durable plastic very good quality it is not expensive for one charger and two bateries
    A Cable with EU plug can be put in this charger without any problem it is so easy. The bateries comes with the charger are very effective
    Very Nice
  • FAST charger for Li-Ion

    posted by Albertosoto

    FAST charger.It has a charge current of +-1.5AIt can charge Li-Ion(4.2V selector) and LiFePo4 (3V selector)
    Fast charger! measured a current of 1.7A when charging a 26650 4000mAh.Be aware what cells you charge on this. Small size (small capacity) Li-Ion can't be charged, as it will charge TOO fast for them.At a 1.5A rated current, I would only charge on this batteries that have almost real 1500mAh.
    A fast charger for high capacity Li-Ion batteries.Charging a good 26650 on a WF139 or similar took too much time. With this charger it only took 3 hours and a few minutes to go from 3.0V to 4.21V.
  • Good pack, all in one.

    posted by carlosc1

    -Good battery capacity for this price.-dual charger input: 100-240 or 12v.-It handles 18650 batteries with protection board.-Led status indicator (red - green)
    -It's all you need. I bought 2 more batteries, but i miss another charger. This one has it all.
    It's a good choice for both the batteries and the charger.
  • It works, so it's good

    posted by hisalmin

    It's cheap and it works. What else could I need? I haven't really measured it, but I'd say this is quite fast. It's easy to change the plug it you need to. It has a standard IEC C8 socket, so you can change the whole cord.
    Exactly the same product is sold in Europe under different brand names, and with a totally different price tag.
  • Nice charger All in one

    posted by pchaves

    Excelent charger. Easy to use and weel made plastic. It have witness light to indicate the state of the batteries chare. Very good relation between price-product. i need it to charge some batteries so the ones that comes with it are extras. The first charge were quick. I will continue testing it.
    Very Good product. continue testing
    Excelent combo Charger-Batteries

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