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  • Be sure before driving....

    posted by Akrosupak

    Very nice design. Display is easy to use. Detailed manual on how to use it. Folding tube is perfect. After folding you can fit tester in any pocket.
    I am very satisfied with this tester. I tryied few other and this one looks very professional. I will get 3 other for my friend.
    Good choice for reasonable price if you need to be sure before driving or other activities. I will recommend this one for other s also. Let go party !!!
  • Nice product!

    posted by stewe71

    Really easy to use also if mine was only with chinese instructions.Nice little led flashlight.It seems to be very accurate.
    I tried to test it by a software on the net and it seems to be very accurate; obviously it cannot be an official product to test your alcohol level in your blood, and the only way to be safe is to DO NOT drink before driving or working in not safe places where you need maximum level of attention.
    Really nice portable item!
  • It seems to work okay. Don't know if is precise.

    posted by rsabin

    - The display is easy to understand.
    - Includes wrist strap.
    - Cheap!
    - Includes manual.
    - Instructions:
    1. Press the ON button until turn on (bip emits).
    2. Wait for 10 seconds for warm-up (bip emits).
    3. Blow air from your lunges, slow, the maximum time you can resist.
    4. Check the results! If you are drunk, many bips emit!!
    - Because of the price, its worth to buy.
    - I got a box of those! Don't forget the BULKRATE discount code.
  • good party gag but thats all

    posted by kktpp

    small and compact.. nice display and easy to use.. great for parties as people can compete haha
    thought it would be more accurate so i can track my drunkenness.. but since the % jumps around so much.. its not that great
    for a few bucks sure why not.. i got 2 of them (one for home and other for cottage).. both to have fun at parties.. i guess its worth it.. sure why not
  • Great!

    posted by danilogrespan

    - It works!- With 0.01 of tolerance- 6 mouthpieces- Great LED numbers
    Considering others alcohol concentration testers, this is the best... is the motive for be the most expensive. Your tolerance is amazing... here, in Brazil, the common tolerance of "bafometros" is 0.04!
    Anyway, is the best from Dx.com!

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