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    posted by Nickoname

    around 433MHz - good range - PLL receivers The receiver responds very qick I like two LEDs on the transmitter I also like the alarm sound
    I just received this item . Did not bother reading instructions as usual :DIt works great as it should . When you turn on one receiver LED starts blinking and the receiver is beeping , than you press one of the buttons on the transmitter . The receiver stops beeping .Turn on another receiver and press another button except if you want both receivers to respond on one button .I wonder how much the batteries in the receiver will last .The receiver has two chips (yes I just could not resist to open it ) , one crystal , and a resonator built in so the frequency is crystal locked around 433MHz .The build seems good to me , however I would not recommend exposing it to moisture .Great product , will order one more this instant .Thanx DX
    Thanx DX you did it again :DWill buy another one this instant
  • Works in 2 ways

    posted by paobla

    It works well. It has a adjustable range for the distance from which start beeping when one moves away from the device. The smallest range is about 3 or 4 meters (placed on the minimum) and 10 meters (when you choose the maximum). And it works the other way too, ie alerts you when you approach the object with the sensor.
    You can use it with a child, a dog, a suitcase and a lot of things.
    It could be helpfull in a situation of risk.
  • Loud and nice!

    posted by az4n3lat

    Nice horn, gives you a louder horn and nice to give some extra charm to your custom car.
    Just the right payback for the money invested.Will require you to buy a secondary push-button or 2-way switch in order to use both horns (standard and air).
    If you like adding stuff to make your car more fun to drive, this is an awesome choice..
  • Good for that money

    posted by rob4ik

    Good for offered price, enough zone and outputs, GSM connection automatic, GSM network antenna is fine, in closed rooms gives a normal signal acceptance.
    English tranlation of manual is very poor, must be reworked by normally speaking english - china engineer to be suitable for use of advance user and begginers.
    Satisfied with quality. Will see later about stability at low temperatures.
  • Not the real thing, just for fun use

    posted by tOMZY

    Quite easy to set-up, it has all the needed fittings.The build quality is reasonable for the price.The megaphone works well - the sound is clear enough to understand the words but I wish it would be louder.
    Not sure if it's really waterproof so better use it for car, not motorcycle
    Not the real this, just for fun.

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