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  • Very good product for cleaning electronics, computers and digital cameras.

    posted by ssekulovski

    It's quite a large blower (twice the volume of my old blower), constructed out of a durable rubber. The rubber in the middle part of the blower (where you squeeze) is thinner than my old blower and therefore it is easier to operate.
    I replaced the front metal part with a front end of a pen and the blowing strength doubled... I would recommend this to everyone who wishes their blower was a little stronger :D
    It's a very cheap product with great durability and usefulness. the build quality of the top and bottom pieces could be batter, but at this price you can't expect more...
  • Very nice thing to have.

    posted by isotco

    - Made out of high quality rubber.
    - Build quality is superb.
    - Useful for dusting off computer parts.
    Has a plastic nozzle so you won't scratch your lens when you clean it.
    Can be used for more things than just cleaning camera lenses.
    It' is really nicely built, I expect it to last long.
    Unit came packaged in a standard plastic bag style retail packaging.
    If you need a small air duster/lens cleaner look no further.
    There are cheaper ones out there, but with this one you get a excellent product for a great price.
  • A must have item for all photographers

    posted by Totermix87

    When I recieved this blower I was nicely suprised of how good the quality is. Its big, fits well in a hand and is able to blow strong stream of air, more than enough to get rid off of the dust stucked on your lens, camera mirror or even the microchip itself. For this price I couldnt buy the same item in my country (its at least twice cheaper).
    Lost mine and the first thing I did was buying another one.
    If you have a DSLR it is a must have tool for you, for this price it is a nobrainer. Dont risk scratching sensitive parts of your camera by towels/tissues, use this blower first.
  • useful for more than just watches

    posted by mimura47

    i got this for use with my PC. a can of compressed air can cost up to $8 a can where i am, thats rather expensive.i can use this to clean out my keyboard, albeit it doesnt have the same air pressure as a compressed air can
    price could be little less, but for my purposes its better than spending double this items price for compressed air that will eventually run out
    it has more uses than what it was intened for, what other uses can you think of?
  • Great product, not for newest macs

    posted by Stryker295

    Great price, very useful (if you have the correct macbook)
    These are cute but not for the newest Macbooks. The new ones have USB 3.0 ports, and the new magsafe adapter; these fit in the old-fashioned magsafe adapter that's more the size of a USB port.
    Don't get these if you have a newest-gen Macbook and want bright blue plugs. You will be severely disappointed. If, however, you have an older model and don't mind them being sort of dark blue, then absolutely buy them, they are a great price!

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