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These cool air cleaners are high quality and at affordable prices. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.

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  • Hard to tell how usefull it is, but it seems to work

    posted by er_ouz

    looks nicegood build qualityquiethas replaceable quality filterscomes with an extra filterhas a usb port for charging usb appliances (such as an iPhone)comes with both a car and a wall-socket adapter.
    it's really hard to tell how effective these things are. it's obvious it works, but we can't feel the impact it's making on our health or the houses cleanliness.
    While the product seems perfectly good, it's high price, available alternatives and lack of replacement filters makes it too expensive.
  • Looks great and works well

    posted by dsmama

    I chose this as it looks the best among the rest (cliche :P)
    Like the little red tip; 'informs' me if I'm going to close to the surface of an object. This is useful when I do not want to risk scratching the surfaces with the tip.
    Produces sufficient blow-by (for my standard) to remove dust and tiny particles on my computer screen, camera lens, DS Lite screens, keyboard.
    Does not feels stick to hold, and it provides a great grip unlike the previous ones I had.
    The size fits well into my palm, hence I think was able to create a strong blow.
    Not sure how to get the measurements to see if you can get a great fit. I guess it would be like buying lottery then.
    I hope it last long as I'm not even going to look at another blower!
  • Greeeeeeeeaaatttttt!!!

    posted by Tmoura88

    Great product, this helps a lot to clear my eletronics. (camera, console, fans and other eletronics). The led light is a good plus and helps a lot. Very easy to use. The price is good, here this is cheap but in my country the product price is around U$15 (3x more) and has the same quality. (same item too )
    If you need clear eletronics (cams, fan and other similar) buy this you will no regret)
    Very easy to use, cheap and will help you alot with cam lens, fan and other similar products.
  • Okay product...

    posted by Screatcher

    I bought it to clear dust from my camera lenses, well.. it does clear the dust but you really have to be very close to the dust to make it work. The material feels okay, build quality is okay. Product is okayOh and it's also an okay stress reliever :) Very multifunctional product i have to say ;)
    What else to say, it's an okay product, not bad, not good.However, i think there are better dust blowers alternatives on DX...
  • Extremely useful for cleaning the inside of the camera.

    posted by s3rg1o

    Very low Price, but is very useful to clean the inside of my digital camera ( and so do not leave fingerprints inside ) , and the product have good build quality. Rubber and finish is good quality.Uses very little space inside the bag
    Tool that must always be present in the camera bag. Buy this product, it's worth.
    Tool that must always be present in the camera bag.

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