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  • Functional, but need a slight improvement

    posted by JFMachado

    It's an adapter to use ANY F-mount lens on a m4/3 Body. It's self explainatory.It's EXTREMELY usefull to make movies using F-mount prime ou "fast"-zoom lenses, including lastest generations of G-type (gelded) lenses, which don't have an aperture ring.
    Attaches effortlessly to m4/3 bodies, and works as it should (after minor tweaks).As this is merely a physical adapter, there is no auto-focus transmission whatsoever, nor lens info being fed back to the camera.Heavy lenses that lack a tripod collar may put too much strain to the camera body if not hand-held, so beware.
    After the few fixes my unit needed, it works flawlessly. It allows me to use ALL of my Nikkor and third party F-mount lenses on my Olympus PEN.You will always have to guess your aperture; the only sure ones will be wide-open or fully-closed.This is not a very big issue: my PEN's Aperture-priority ("A") mode works based on light hitting the sensor, so it exposes no matter what aperture.The fixes mentioned above do not require any expertise. As long as you can use a screwdriver and pliers, it's very easy to adjust the adapter to perfection.Overall, recomended!
  • Works fine on nikon D90

    posted by GlowDog

    - Its not really expensive considering the fact that its not just an adapter but also has a corrective lens.- no screws on the nikon side that could prevent taking the adapter off your body. - sturdy metal alloy- corrective lens for infinity focus works as expected
    I am using it with an old Vivitar Tele 1:6.3 f=500mm with M42/1 on a nikon D90. I can focus to infinity with it (thats what you need the corrective lens for on nikon!)
    Great buy, now I can buy and use some on those really nice old M42 lenses on my nikon DSLR :)Also keep in mind that this is for praktica M42/1mm , NOT for the diferent M42 with the 0.75mm wire.
  • Reversal ring for Nikon

    posted by topy007

    Good build, made of Aluminium, fits perfectly on the filter mount and on the camera body.Great for macro pictures, but you have to keep in mind that you have to adjust the settings manually if you want to actually see something in the pictures.
    This is a great product, if you like taking macro pictures. You just have to be careful what you want to take pictures of, because when you reverse your lens, you have to get really close to the object you're shooting
    I really recommend this product, it is far cheaper than buying a macro lens. However, you have to keep in mind that your lens might get dirty, since it was not designed to be reversed.
  • Decent build quality, works as described

    posted by arina57

    Decent build quality, fits snug, no unwanted movement.
    I've owned similar adaptors which the lens wobbled with them on, but with this one it fits tight and feels stable. Works fine one my 5DII with Nikon 50mm 1.2 AI, and my Nikon 105mm 1.8.
    If you want to put Nikon lens on your EOS camera this is what you need.Personally I don't think chipped adaptor is necessary, save your money and get this one.
  • Great macro for cheap

    posted by nWo666

    -Relatively cheap-Good build quality-Good macro with my 18-135 lens
    Really good item to convert your lens in a macro lens. You can also use this with a 58mm lens, but i have not tried it yet.Be careful when reversing your lens not to hit the auto focus and VR contacts on your lens.I used a Nikon D80 and a Nikkor 18-135 lens and it works great.I added some shot i took with my camera.
    Works great for such a cheap item!You will be amazed with the macro shots you'll take.


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