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ai lens Customers Reviews

  • Great job, it does what it is supposed to do

    posted by JuanEJMR

    Good adapter for Nikon Lens to Olympus Micro 4/3 mount. It does it quite good, with no looseness. It's secure to mount even heavy lenses.Of course no electronics, only manual modes.I can use all of my nikkor lenses, and also the sigma and the tamron. No differences. They all attached smoothly.
    All the lenses were engage tightly. There are no gaps, or unwanted movements between the lenses the adapter ring and the camera.
    I think it's worth the money I invested in this gadget. It works fine, better than other more expensive adapters you could find in the web.I higly recommend this purchase if you want to use your Nikon mount lenses in your micro 4/3 camera.
  • Does the job!

    posted by djpetar

    Made of steel. Very simple to use. I'm using it with Nikon D5100, Nikon D90 and Hellios 44M and Hellios 44M-4.Focus to infinity is possible only with glass mounted to the bottom of adapter. But glass is ok, clear and does not affect photography.
    Nothing special.
    Expensive but very good product. Gives you the chance to use very good M42 old manual lenses on new Nikon cameras.
  • Decent build quality, works as described

    posted by arina57

    Decent build quality, fits snug, no unwanted movement.
    I've owned similar adaptors which the lens wobbled with them on, but with this one it fits tight and feels stable. Works fine one my 5DII with Nikon 50mm 1.2 AI, and my Nikon 105mm 1.8.
    If you want to put Nikon lens on your EOS camera this is what you need.Personally I don't think chipped adaptor is necessary, save your money and get this one.
  • Fitting Problems on D80

    posted by samuraijack

    Seams to be of good build quality, its cheap and Useful.
    I took a rasp and a angle grinder and removed the metal (about 1mm) around the second ring. Now it fits perfectly. (With a angle grinder about 10minutes of work)
    With a little bit of work you get a perfect fit, cheap Reversal Filter Adapter Ring.
  • Nice quality

    posted by nikolarisim

    Nice and heavy, better than aluminum adapter. It's easy to use, mark is correct (red dot). It has nice ring all the long outer border so it keeps adapter solid. It fit's nice and it's easy to take it off...
    I haven't tried it with large number of lenses, so I can't really tell is it compatible with all M42 lenses.
    It's nice thing to have. Especially if you have a bunch of old M42 lenses, and you like their smooth manual focus, and manual aperture settings.I would recommend it to a friend.


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