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ag4 button batteries Customers Reviews

  • At that price even 1 battery would be cheap

    posted by romainpnct

    Very cheapBatteries work fine (haven't used them all yet)
    This kind of batteries usually last months/years, so it is too soon to tell if they last as long as their more expensive counterparts, but even if they "only" lasted months they"re still a great bargain.
    Buy it if you need it (I guess check first if your device needs this specific kind)
  • Ordered, received, installed and they work

    posted by Stevenvh

    Batteries do what they are supposed to do. Took a couple of weeks to get delivered but that's not an issue for me.
    Don't know how long they will last since we only them for about two weeks. But I suppose there won't be that much difference in those batteries. If they don't last long enough I'll have to adjust my review
    Good price, batteries work. Couldn't buy a single battery for that price over here in Belgium.Can't hurt to have a few of them lying around since it takes a couple of weeks to get them delivered.
  • good fit

    posted by alemao1111

    These are the only one i founded to fit sr626. The watch is still working and the price is perfect. Ten per package is enought.
    it is much more cheaper then buying them in the store from my neightbourhood.I received them in the time it normaly takes, eight weeks. They come in separate compartments, so you take out only the one you need and the rest stays for replacement.
    i will buy again if need more. I dont know if they will last long or not, but it does´t matter for me.The time will tell.
  • Very cheap!

    posted by SilverShadowPT

    Extremely cheap! Around here one single battery costs around €2, this is a 20-pack for a lot less! The package is good since it keeps the batteries separated.
    Well, they are cheap so even if they last only half as long as a Maxell or Renata battery, they are still worth it! Also great if you work with watch repairs and need cheap batteries for replacing.
    Need AG4 batteries? Buy them. You cant go wrong with a 20-pack this cheap!
  • AG4 1.55V Alkaline Cell Button Batteries

    posted by ieifood

    Very cheap batteries.The voltage is okay on most of the batteries, only one has a slightly lower voltage, but it will work also.
    Do you wish to buy cheap batteries? This is the right place to do it!
    The bottom line is the same as other thoughts, Do you wish to buy cheap batteries? This is the right place to do it! Thank you for reading this review.

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