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ag13 cell batteries

You can easily find the latest low priced ag13 cell batteries offered at our online shop. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

ag13 cell batteries Customers Reviews

  • Very good batteries

    posted by Menosferato

    Every good batteries.Very cheap batteries.Very affordable batteries.Very good battery capacity.Works on all devices requiring the LR44 batteries types.
    Worth every cent. Very cheap and affordable.
    A must buy if you need this type of battery. Very good cost/benefits. If you need this battery, buy it!
  • Great Battery Deal

    posted by bz1mcr

    Great batteries. I checked all 50 with a battery tester that checks voltage under load. All checked good. I put two in my wife hand held game and it has been working fine for two weeks.
    Great batteries at a great price.
    I won't need more for a long time.
  • a good battery cell!

    posted by manjh

    A battery cell is simple, and this dx product simply meets the standard. Packaged well, ina push througstrip of ten. Size is right.But most of all, price is excellent! When buying this cell in a store I would expect to pay rougly 150% of the dx price, but that would give me one cell, and dx gives me ten!!!
    Dxhas done it again, excellent quality for an unbelievabl p4ice.
    If you need this cell, don't hesitate. Go for it at dx.
  • Surprising quality !!!

    posted by ROOKiEcb

    Well. well ... the fantastic quality ot these LR44 / AG13 alkaline has surprised me. I use them for replacement in my Red Dot Sight Aimpoint M2. I have found out that red dot is more visible in daylight, probably due to higher voltage (really 1.55V, see me uploaded photos). I have tested with my red laser pointer and again the laser beam is more powerful.
    Main Pros:
    + fantastic quality
    + alkaline
    + gadgets will work better with higher voltage
    + 20 pcs in one package
    + super cheap
    20-Pieces Package lasts long time. It is better to buy alkaline version than common Zinc-Carbon type. Buy this SKU.
    Very good quality, amount and price. You will not regret.

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