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aest bike Customers Reviews

  • Super satisfied from the product

    posted by bushavec

    The product is very useful, has a super acceptable price, and it looks like it is super strong.I like it because it is made from aluminum, instead of the stock pulleys on the deraileurs which are made plastic, and are much less durable.
    The fact that it is cnc machined and the color is anodized for the money is unbeliveable, compared to the same products from the bigger brands.
    Why to spend 200% more money on the big brands like shimano and sram for this kind of spare parts, when you can buy them for a lot cheaper and yet be happier because they look so good.
  • nice addition to a bike

    posted by azorat50

    Light, nice, well made.The end cups are screwed in and - upon removing one - gives you access to the horizontal tube where one can store a (very small) package (salt tablets for example, or a inner tube glue patch)It does not move once installed and it weight is really marginal.Nice position on which to put a gps or similar instruments.
    Thoughts? from me? you must be kidding :-)
    Worth getting one if you need to put some additional stuff on your bike.
  • Bike Levers for Weight-Fetishists

    posted by mabiteam

    They really weight 29-30 gramms only, unbelievable.Perfect for weight-fetishists who themself are below 70 Kgs. In reallity they look much stronger than on the picture, there is material only where is needed.Perfect fit.Can easily be adjusted to small children hands.
    I use them on a real racing mountain bike of my son(8years, 25Kg), same as a all other AEST parts of DX program.
    Nothing else found on the market for similar price.Less than 30 gramms for both for less than $42.There are some cons, but if correctly used, they are the perfect solution, especially for lightweight bikers.
  • Precision product for high performance gear shifting

    posted by puterfixer

    The quality of the product is at the highest levels. The precision of every cut, the low friction of the encapsulated ball bearing, the flawless coating - this little wheel is not only going to change the looks of the bike, but also reduce the energy lost through friction and more accurately position the chain during gear shifts.
    Rear deraillers come with poor pulley wheels, made of solid plastic and with sleeve bearings. They clog up with dirt and the friction is noticeable. Worst of all, their role to guide the chain accurately when shifting gears becomes more and more a hit-and-miss, as the plastic wears off.These replacement wheels bring significant improvements to all issues above, even for high-end deraillers.
    A highly recommended aftermarket upgrade for your bicycle, to improve precision, durability and looks even for race-grade bikes.
  • Simple Extend Frame

    posted by Kensasaki

    It can be attached to the stem top. Body is very light weight.Because it does not interfere with the handle bar, you will be mounting a lot of accessories such as light and cycle computer. I secure it with the Allen wrench.
    Can not be installed without the stem top. You must either be attached to his bicycle, you want to check.
    Simple Extend Frame.Easy to install it on the top of the stem.It will be better endurance becomes well.

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