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Check out the great adjustable clip to see if there is any that suits you. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

adjustable clip Customers Reviews

  • Cheap alternative to normal headlamp

    posted by Peztilent

    The price of course, it is worth the money.Can use almost any flashlight you already own.The most optimal size to use is around the size of those 3xAAA flashlight.The clip is very secure if you use the correct size flashlight. The clip can be rotated to point the light at any angle you want.The strap can be adjusted to fit and it is elastic too.
    Feel that the plastic of the clip and the elastic band are of super high quality, but I have not use it to failure yet.
    It is a good alternative if you need a headlamp and already own plenty of flashlights. Can just use your existing flashlight with this and you have a headlamp.
  • Awesome bungy clips

    posted by roberttristram

    - Good clips on the ends that aren't rusting.- Good length cord- Cord length is easily adjustable- Can handle wet conditions, and being submerged in sea water with no ill effects so far.
    Awesome bungee cords - I use mine to hold stuff down in my kayak when fishing. So far there has been no rust on the metal parts, and the cords are wearing very well.I'm really impressed with these and would highly recomend them.
    Great! I would thoroughly recommend these bungee cords.
  • Led light very comfortable and functional

    posted by NikkiMaori

    I purchased this light to use it as a light bakup in caving. Excellent feature continuous adjustment of brightness. Very good diffuse lighting, excellent for lighting large areas without being too bright central points. Very compact.
    Very light, many friends and fellow speleological exploration, envy me and asked where to buy it.I removed very easily the magnet, to avoid interference with the compass when you are surveying the cave.
    Good light to be used as headlamp or as you want, it will always be useful.
  • Stylish!

    posted by Kaosnoff

    Looks very resistent and durable. It is confortable and stylish.The clips have "claws" that hold very well in any pants, even in thin fabrics, but without damaging them.
    If you like suspenders, this one is a very nice piece, specially for its price.It is not properly a con, but it does not have any elastic parts, so one has to rely in its adjustments only.
    A must have for suspenders' lovers.
  • Strong and well built

    posted by LanaRql

    Great to lock stuff on my motorcycle. Good quality, strong, and work as it should.Can handle large loads and hold it strongly, but also fits well for small loads on my bike.
    Good stuff, does the job greatly.
    Just a little expensive, but it's a great cord.I used it a lot for travel, grocery shop, etc.Great elasticity, gets tight even with small load, and can handle a large one too.

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