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adhesive tape Customers Reviews

  • Perfect for cleaning up wires and cables

    posted by jeffory

    - These things are great, the double sided tape on them is okay, not too sticky that you can't remove or make a mark but still strong enough to put upside down under a desk and be able to hold cables.
    They are fairly small so a big cable like a power or vga cable won't fit in
    They're quite cheap for the large amount you get, in the worse case if the tape isn't good enough peel it off and simply replace it.
  • Cheap dust remover

    posted by mmonsterr1988

    The amount of tape is enough to last a few years. It is a good alternative way to remove dust of your lcd screen before applying any screen protector. It can also be used to remove static charges while self replacing your lcd screen.
    The packaging should be improved. Or protect the tape during shipping.
    Very useful product when cleaning lcd or trying to apply a screen protector. It is a must have.
  • The same stuff as Kapton

    posted by Knuckx

    Doesn't melt or combust if high temperatures are applied to it, like a soldering iron or hot air gun. Very sticky.Wide enough that it can be used for covering circuit boards easily.
    This is polyimide, the same stuff DuPont sell as Kapton. While the main material seems to be the same, I have no idea about the adhesive.
    Useful for taping down things while soldering and preventing parts from being lost or damaged when using a hot air gun. Works well for insulating parts that get too hot for normal electricians tape.
  • good produck

    posted by OleEHolt

    this product is of good quality. and it cheap.i had to but this here because it was impossible to buy a yellow electrical tape in my local stores.
    not a quality product. but its a great product at this price.- i used it in the engine compartment in my car, to get all the wires together and make a clean surface. this tape doesn't have the same rubber as other tapes, so it easily get oil stains when you touch it. but it doesn't matter if your not using it for places you can see the tape.
    its a good product for the money. sticks to surfaces really good. but it easily get dirty, so its not great for use in places you can see.
  • Nice tape to use

    posted by ecotack

    Quite a nice heat resistant tape. Its the only heat resistant tape I have bought so can't offer comparison to others.It sticks OK and was resilient enough not to melt when I soldered wires to a component on top of it (using it to insulate a components legs from the heat sink it was glued to)
    Its quite a stiff tape, so it will not stretch like normal electrical tape. Using it to wrap something does not leave a neat finish like electrical tape would, but thats not what it is intended for.
    Its another DX product that has impressed me. Not something I've bough before, but something I am now regularly using.

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