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adhesive glue Customers Reviews

  • Good Hot Glue

    posted by warlock1212

    This hot glue is good. Its much longer then regular hot glue but whit a set of pliers you can cut it to a more manageable length.
    Hot glue has so many uses. I use it allot for fabric fastening ore electronics. Great to glue loudspeaker crossover parts to a bored. If you don't have a glue gun get one.
    Good and vary useful hot glue.
  • Works great

    posted by wilco375

    They're really long, so you don't go through one too quickly, like with the sort once, with which you have to insert a new stock every few seconds.The glue is pretty strong, and the things that you glue with it stay in place very well
    Great product with an even greater price. You can glue a lot of things before you run out of these.
  • Good but stinky

    posted by desolder

    This forms a good, strong bond to almost anything. Set up time is fast, around 5 minutes, with full strength at 24 hours. The nozzles are quite fine so it's easy to squeeze out just a small drop when you only need a little bit. It's cheap, too.
    Compared to epoxy, acrylic can bond a greater range of materials than most other adhesives, especially plastics. The downside is that it is not as strong, and is not as heat resistant.
    This is a good adhesive to have in your arsenal.
  • Good silicone

    posted by sanchox

    This is a nice silicone paste - yes, as it was already said by the one before me - it is the same silicone you would buy in a bigger tubes in your local DIY store in order to seal cracks in the bath. The quality looks perfect.
    It is sort of expensive, but I don't complain.
    If you need a bathroom grade silicone paste in a small tube - buy this one.
  • Need it? Buy it

    posted by tricky2k

    -It's Araldite and it's cheap.
    -Cures quickly.
    -Very strong.
    -Leaves you half an hour or so flexible enough to adjust the joint.
    -Thick, ideal for filling small gaps.
    -A very small quantity of mix is enough for a good joint, so the tubes can last long time, even if you use it often.
    For very strong joints, a must have.

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