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adata 32gb Customers Reviews

  • Good value for money

    posted by naprossen

    - 32 GB for 25£!- SD adapter included- Class 4 (decent speed)- Comes with the usual small transparent plastic case
    Fast enough, and seems quite reliable.I've been using it as the boot device for my Raspberry Pi, and it hasn't failed me so far despite the heavy use (it's my test board, so I do a lot of recompiling, formatting, re-installing and so on).The adapter works perfectly (I had another, more expensive 8 GB TF card whose adapter makes my laptop freeze).
    A micro SD card that does exactly what you would expect from it.Couldn't find a better one for this price.
  • Great size and performance

    posted by gabosieiro

    Super fast, faster than other usb 2.0 drives i´ve tested even on usb 2.0 hosts, needles to say it´s blazing fast on usb 3.0 capable computers.
    Great build quality, its made of aluminum I have even accidentaly dropped it from about a meter high twice an it is still working perfectly.
    If you don´t mind paying the extra 10 dollars for a usb 3.0 device, get this one, if you don´t have a usb capable computer you may be better off getting a cheaper usb 2.0 drive
    Great speed.
    Great capacity.
    Could (should?) be cheaper.
  • good price, good quality

    posted by frank0123

    Easy way to order, good way for tracking package.Free shippingThe memory card itself...After checking reviews, tests, etc.. compared several brands and prices came to the conclusion to buy this card at this store. (best price found on market. Saved me 50% compared with price in store)The card is used as memory for a tablet. Up to now, used for saving pictures, up- and downloading pictures. A few games are stored as well so far. Speed up and download is ok.
    Would buy it again at DX
  • Good product

    posted by PhDGreg

    It's what is claims to be - a 32GB USB3.0 flash drive. No problems detecting and using it in Windows 7 x64. The cap attaches with a firm click - unlikely to fall off and be lost (although this is of course still a possibility).There's a hole to attach a lanyard in the corner of the black part of the base of the drive.I like the shape and build - solid feel, and the groove in the centre gives it a nice shape (and also makes it easy to know which drive you've grabbed if it's in the dark or around the back of your PC).It's quite small - easy to carry around in a pocket.Transfer speeds are fast, but but I'll leave it to others to give more thorough details about that. Copied about 1.3 gigs (4 files) onto it in under a minute... average speed of 28MB/s.
    With 32GB and USB3.0 speeds, it's a convenient way to move media files around. I purchased it for storing media to watch on my TV and it works well for that.Price could be a little lower given that USB3.0 flash drives are becoming more common nowadays...
    Good buy.

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