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  • Best design I have seen

    posted by Haryadoon

    * Great compact design* Looks and feels very well made* Solid but lightweight* Functional for almost all power sockets and plugs in the world* Comes with a very nice case that fits all parts perfectly
    I have other universal adaptors and I think this one has the best combination of functionality, compact design and light weight. This one is designed in a rectangular shape instead of round like many others. The small plastic case is nicely made and works better than the cloth bags that sometimes accompany similar products.
    Great product. Get two.
  • Well built design, charges Samsung Note II fast

    posted by kentpeh

    The body of the unit has very good quality finishing, made of sturdy plastics, nothing feels filmy or rough edges. The workmanship is very good. At S$28, it is not very expensive, considering it has 4 charging ports which can charge all my phone, tablets, bluetooth hands-free, and even power bank all at the same time. A 4-port charger could have cost more than S$40 in my location.
    Other than the electrical tinkling sensation when touching the metal parts, it's a good product.Feels quite warm when plugged in 2 devices. But not hot.
    It's a good product.If you need to charge multiple devices, and only 1 power socket is available, e.g. at hotel rooms, or you can only bring limited items on travel, or need fast charging, then this is a good travel charger.
  • Very good

    posted by mumms

    Very easy to install, very small, work great.these are very fast to recognise and install, vry tiny drivers too.
    i defnitly will buy it again. very cheap and very good to re sell itthey work great with my clients, i am making some money with them
    they work great, if u need one of this, u can buy it any other toughts
  • nice small, with more USB ports, but slow ethernet

    posted by mjsanders

    The build quality is OK, not as sturdy as Apple type adapters, but good enough. USB hub works without any driver. For Mac OS X 10.8.2 I needed a driver, and there is small CD with drivers.
    If you have only a MacBook air, please download the drivers for the AX88760 card from the http://www.asix.com.tw/ website.
    It is OK as a USB 2.0 hub, but disapointing as an 100 Mbit ethernet adapter.
  • Excellent waterproof LED strip

    posted by bg1199

    Excellent waterproof LED strip. Dense arrangement of high-brightness LEDs provides a good brightness.
    I use this tape for lighting car's luggage compartment and passenger compartment. The difference with the standard 5W bulbs are very high. The luggage compartment Ford Focus 4D standard light bulb is almost no light. Using two pieces of 6 LEDs in each - in the trunk is as bright as day.

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