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  • Nice adapter for my car. No more wire hanging

    posted by PangaDayWalker

    Very, very small. Didn't expect to be so small.Help on my car not to have anymore wire hanging on dashboard. Use also to charge my GPS as small USB > Female USB.
    Since I didn't want those "hard" USB adapter I had to choose this one. Since now is working should be fine for 2 bucks.
    Buy but don't expect much. Do the job in the bottom of the quality necessary to work.
  • Good USB Power Adapter

    posted by calegre

    It is very compact, light, and very manageable. Each USB connector has indicated the Amp for the device that can be connected I can charge perfectly a mobile phone and a ipad mini at same time !
    Price could be slightly lower maybe around 5.00 Dollars each (like the car plugs). The form factor could be improve. Not shure if the red led is necessary.
    So far I am satisfied with the product, however I wonder how long it will last since I will probably use it on a daily basis. That being said, I would recommend it to others.

    posted by chrissyfunnybunny

    My husband and I have gone through so many cubes because the ones we get have never held our standards OF ACTUALLY CHARGING OUR PHONES. Our stripped cord worked better in the computer then it did in a perfectly looking cube, it was frustrating. This product made sense and it worked, no problems with it at all.
    Cant think of anything else to add its such a small product!
    Get this, because it actually does its job
  • This panel increased my USB3 ports

    posted by hslavov

    Very good USB3 expander panel. The connector on the other side is compatible with the USB3 connector on the motherboard. Very well build. The USB3 function works fine.
    This product is very useful if of having USB3 ports on older PC cases, which have only USB2 on the front. USB3 offers much better performance when you use external hard drives.
    The product works just as expected. The price is good for an USB3 expantion plate.
  • A handy double ended deal! DOH!

    posted by llasher

    Useful for plugging stuff in to
    Adapts plugs without fear or favour
    Nice black colour
    Because some of my older HD boxes insist on not using one of those squarish sockets, nor mini USB, but require double ended USB cables, which I don't understand, I bought two of these. I'm glad I did. Well, I don't regret doing o, at least not as much as getting that profanity tattooed on the back of my hand while intoxicated.
    You need a jar, or some sort of tin for these things. Otherwise, when you are looking for them you can't find them, despite having left them right next to your external HD right on your desk, yesterday. And your wife swears she hasn't touched anything on your desk but you know she's lying, because there's no way you misplaced your adapters, you never do, they were right there etc...

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