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  • Best adapter for home or work purpose

    posted by jinkazama82it

    Good qualityEasy of useGood price
    thanks to this product i can test or re-use the optical unit of a laptop, is very usefull for my home and/or work purpose, probably i purcease more of this product in future.
    considering the various aspects related to this product would highly recommend it to all those who want to recover components from their laptop disused, and highly recommend it to all the technicians who must test the optical unit to be replaced before installation in the laptop
  • USB 2.0 to 2.5" / 3.5" SATA IDE Hard Drive Adapter Cable

    posted by master64nl

    Simple tool for HD to connect via USB.Power supply is included and also the sata cable with the power cable for dataAutomatic installs every time the correct driver for the disk you connect.CD for people whom using Windows-98 :)
    Nothing cumming up in my mind.
    Nice tool for a good price. I recommend it for all whom are hobbying with disks and repair them.
  • Good adapter overall

    posted by kirovclass

    Very useful adapter to have, in order to (re)use some old 1.8" hard disks for some silent storage
    I bought this adapter as I'm planning to use it to backup the contents of some old music player hard disks and perhaps reuse them where I need a tiny hard disk in my microcontroller projects.
    Overall, it is an interesting product. It's tiny, it's cheap, and it helps you with a format (1.8") that is not too common to interface with.
  • works perfectly - usefull to read air-ssd

    posted by mutley69

    It works, it doesn't need documentation - just plain no nonsense. All screws needed are included. No problems at all reading out the ssd of the firs gen macbook air (japanese version?).The SSD fits perfectly into the proprietary connector no way you can put it in the wrong way. It's best to use one screw to fix the ssd at the other side (of the sata-connector).No tools are needed to use this converter.
    it just works.Put in the SSD - place the screw to fix the ssd - just plug it in at the external sata-device (or attach it to the sata port + power supply) - it just works.
    Well made - and very easy to use if you know how to handle sata-devices.
  • It saved my life!

    posted by viktorbir

    It works perfectly. You just plug the hard drive on it, plug it to two USB ports on the computer, et voi là, you have an external hard drive.
    My Asus EeePC died suddenly, and I had some information I need to retreive from its hard drive. This adapter saved my life. Removed the disk from the netbook, plugged it to the adapter, plugged the adapter to the main computer, and got all my information back.
    A great bought. First, I could recover all information on that disk. Now, I can use it for back ups. Great.

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