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  • Easy solution for iPhone users switching phones

    posted by Geremiah

    It is an all in one solution for iPhone users switching to other phones. Works well, fits nicely into other phones that I have used. Great gift to encourage friends to change phones too! Very cheap, especially when buying in bulk.
    Might require a bit of a push to insert sim card with adapter to other phones because of the extra thickness, but otherwise have no other issues. Works fine.
    Cheap, all-in-one solution for iPhone users to use other phones or tablets.
  • Well working vidoe baluns

    posted by tengdahl

    This product will convert 75 ohm video coaxial signal to format that it can be sent through CAT5 or better quality 100 ohm UTP wiring. The product does what it promises. It provides the conversion from unbalanced video signal to balanced signal and also provides 75 ohm - 100 ohm impedance matching. This is a passive device that can be easily connected between the device and wiring on the wall. The device comes with BNC male connectors that can be easily connected to device. The short cable between the converter makes it possible to put this to locations where there is not much room behind BNC connector.
    Comparable products from other sources cost several times more. At this price there is no point thinking of pulling coaxial cable to video camera in locations where there is suitable UTP wiring available. I tested the product with a small PAL color video camera, small monitor and 200 meters of CAT5e cable. The picture quality was very clear. I also opened the device to look now it was constructed. There was one special transformer and three resistors that did all balanced-unbalanced conversion and impedance matching.
    This is a very inexpensive and well working video balun.
  • Seems like a Weak Thing.

    posted by oosmarjr

    Its works so good. Do what its supposed to do. If you have a lcd screen and are careful with your cables, you need one of this. It is used to you dont break your wires. you can use one of them to link two cables and make an extention to your lcd screen.
    They came with guards that leave no ends gather dust and rust, you can use them on your computer.
    I think they're expensive for the function they have to do.
  • nano to micro sim adapter doesn't fit

    posted by wombatdutch

    just needed the nano to micro sim adapter didn't try the others so they might fit.
    maybe the other adapters are ok, but if you need it for nano to micro, look elsewere
    no use to me at all , luckily my simcutter came with a adapter , so i can still use my old phone till my new one arrives monday.
  • Great product at a good price

    posted by Paespedro

    Received my package some days ago, I needed those to use in my wall LED TV (with my Nintendo Wii) and it works perfectly. The TV is perfectly aligned now and I'm not forcing my cable plugs anymore. The price for 5 items is a great deal.The gold present in the connections is huge plus because it allows you to get less interference and a better signal quality
    I suggest to you to buy at least 2 packages with 5 each... Considering that your TV has 5 super video (or Video Component) RCA plugs and another 3 for Super Vídeo.


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