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  • Must have for HP notebooks

    posted by gabosieiro

    Does its job, fits perfectly.Has the letters "HP" engraved in the plastic casing.Not much more to say.It works as it is supposed to.
    A must have for an HP notebook owner with this kind of plug since it is not included with any universal adaptor.
    If you have an HP notebook and broke/misplaced your supplied power adaptor, you need this in order to use an universal power supply since none of them include this type of plug
  • Fine travel converter

    posted by Noforumplease

    I already had SKU 3502, but that adapter is really tight on the female part of the plug. Which is great if you need a permanent convertor, but I do worry the plastic might break over time if you plug and unplug many times, as you would do while travelling and using the adapter for multiple appliances. That's why I bought this plug: it's much more loose, as I had hoped it would be, and I have no fear at all I will break the plastic while unplugging.
    I will take both this plug and sku 3502 with me on my trips: if one breaks, I still have the other and time will tell which one is best. Both are dirt cheap, so whichever one 'loses', I won't mind at all.
    Does what it should do, just don't know yet for how long.
  • Working with some chargers, but not charging battery :( (for now)

    posted by DZIDZE75

    i try to find cheep solution half a year for my dell inspiron 1545 broken charger plug connector, but still i don't have luck :( i have this adapter about 3 weeks, try with 2 chargers, but nothing for now.. quality of the product is ok, nice material, price is great....
    Like i said, i have broken power adapter plug in on my original dell charger, work but not chagre the battery, i try with not original dell adapter from amazon (20 $) looks like my original, and working nice about 3 weeks, power and charge battery on my dell inspiron, but some day i see again this f*****g notification "Plugged in, Not charging" and that's it, not charge battery, work only on power ..... now i trying with this adapter, but until now i still cannot find power adapter who will charge my dell with this kind of power adapter....
    i don't have luck for now, but i don't quit, i will find another charger to try with this adapter, hp, toshiba, samsung or another........ i dont want to give dell 80-100$ for original adapter who will working 1, if you have luck to not broke - 2-3 years .... for the price, this is a good deal, i recommend this product for anyone, maybe you will have or find right adapter to charge battery on your dell laptop.... good luck for anyone :)~
  • Great buy.

    posted by JoelTann

    Item arrived less than a week from the date of purchase. It was nicely and well packed. I did a throughout check on the item, and to my surprise it was manufactured perfectly given the price of item. Item is bigger than the original 3-ways pivot arms, however it doesn't matter as long as it serve as a joint for my mounting. The purpose of its big size should be to withstand the holding power from one to another.
    Cheap and good. It may come in handy one fine day, hence why not buy and keep it.
    No further comment.

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