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Check out the great adapter pad to see if there is any that suits you. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

adapter pad Customers Reviews

  • Very useful. TF300T recognized the USB drive I connected immediately

    posted by mauricioorden

    Very useful. I have a TF300T ASUS table which recognized the USB drive I connected to this adapter immediately. I was able to play music and videos from that USB drive very fast.
    I recommend this product 100 %. It is specially recommended for Mac users since connecting an Android device to a Mac is a pain; you need to use Android file transfer which sucks. You can use wireless transfer, but it is very slow when transferring big files.
  • Very good Product

    posted by disantojj

    Very fine quality, in fact I can say that is like ASUS Product.Good termination.Good price.The package are very good for a country that has all their doors shut, you understand me. It works fine with mouse and keyborad.
    The delivery will be better if the time to arrival was shorter. But I understand that China is far, far, far away.
    The Best Choice Ever.If you didn't buy a keyboard with your ASUS TF300T, this is a great adapter.
  • best bang-for-the-buck Qi-charger

    posted by elgrego

    This is the least expensive Qi charger I have seen anywhere, not counting sales. It seems to work really well. I went to bed with 18%, woke up 6hrs later with 100%. I'll call that good.Also, this is really thin. I have a Nexus4, and I think that this charger is marginally thinner.I do like the green blinking light in the charge-plate. It's soft enough not to be a bother.
    I have one of those s-shaped gel cases, and the charger works fine through it.The charge plate is really light, and flat. Unlike many other chargers, you could probably set a marble on this thing and not have it roll off.
    Strong Buy! This is approximately half the price of other chargers, and it accomplishes the same duty.
  • Good but...

    posted by gegene92

    It's very goodIt's really useful, thanks to this accessory can connect to everything (mouse, keyboard, and pen usb, usb gadgets and more comfortable).It always works and it is wonderful. I find it really well because it is small and I can carry anywhere
    Produce a new accessory similar but with two USB ports slightly distant.
    The best of accessories for ASUS tf300. The best accessory is fast, practical and manageable. I can use at any time. I really like at least I do not have to connect each time to force my asus TF300 to your PC but I can directly use this accessory.

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