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  • Nice quality!

    posted by ramazankilinc

    I have a amplifier with XLR female input. I bought this item for my microphone. It has really nice build quality. It feels very expensive, and the audio quality is natural.
    As I said, It has a great quality. Nice feeling. It feels really expensive. You feel soft and it is not so long. very easy to use.
    I totally recommend everybody this item. it does what it should do. I use this XLR for my wireless microphone.
  • incredible small device

    posted by f2knpw

    this 7.7g device is incredibely small but yet powerfull for this price...you can get :- a wifi access point on which you can connect any device (Wifi capable). On the uploaded pictures connection in done on an android smartphone)- a wifi client device : which is connected on your local network (as any PC or smartphone is). In this mode you can access the device via TCP. Any message sent will be transfered to the serial port- an ethernet device (not tested)
    See the pictures for a minimal hardware setup(just +5V and ground are needed)then access the new Wifi hotspot (pass : 12345678)then open your browser to you will access the setup page (default mode)From there you can change the mode (beware that the IP address will also change...)If you are lost reset to factory sttings :- power the device- wait 30s- connect pin 10 to groung- wait 10s- switch off/ switch on and you are still alive !
    Great device for the price.An antenna would be expectedthe documentation is poorBut the device works like a charm
  • Excelent!

    posted by maxy4

    - Good retractable cable with center wheel
    - The cable seems a little fragile in first sight but I have no even one problem in the first two months of usage.
    - The Mini Car Adapter/Charger works well in iphone 4.
    For the price I have paid for it, it's a really good inversion
    Works' great in my Motorola Quench MB501.
    I keep in my office at work and qe are two different guys using the same cable, for the moment, excellent
  • Does the Job Done

    posted by damaguz

    Easy to use, straight forward, sturdy, it don't seems it will break any time soon.there is nothing much to say is a USB A-Type Female to USB B-Type Female Converters Adapter
    great product. i use it to use a printer USB cable on my arcade stick and don't have to be wrapping the cable around the stick itself, so no i just unplug the cable to store it.
    If you know what it is, and how to use it, BUY IT, you won't be dissapointed.
  • Works!

    posted by the7thking

    Very cheap!For 2 usd, you get 10 of these things.Elsewhere on dx, for something around less than a dollar, you just get 1.Works as advertised.Easy to insder sim in this adapter.
    Be careful while using... if you see one which is not too good, then don't risk putting your sim in it. Try another one since you will be having other 9 to choose from :)Make sure the sim's golden part will stay on the open side.
    Is a good buy considering that for 2 USD you get 10 of these!

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