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adapter 2.0 Customers Reviews

  • Cheap way to externalize your components

    posted by hemmohohtoo

    - Does it's job
    - Has normal IDE and an smaller IDE (for 2.5" HDDs)
    - US power plug included
    - Cheapest way to get an external CD/DVD drive for them driveless mini notebooks
    - Includes USB-IDE cable, power supply with molex in the other end and a US power plug which goes into the power supply
    - Uses standard computer power cables
    - Get it
  • Great product. Better Price

    posted by ambroseg1

    Great product that allows older motherboards without USB 3.0 support to utilise all the ports in today's modern personal computing desktop cases which normally have two USB 3.0 ports on the front of the case.
    Price is really good value for money as well. Only small problem I had was with the length of time it took to deliver. I received this product after more than 1 month of waiting. I was beginning to think I would never receive it.
    Great product. Even better price. Would recommed.
  • Good, but no so good. Got it?

    posted by BrunoRaven

    Nice looking; smaller than appears on the photos; really useful stand; good data rate; and no heating on the hub itself or the a/c adapter (as mentioned on one of the reviews)
    The worst thing is that this thing is good apart from the build quality. Specially because of the external power source. I can now plug a 2.5HDD enclosure and a wifi adapter on just 1 usb port with no issues.
    Too bad that it is now a 6-port USB Hub.
    I bought it to mount on a HDTV PVR device, to record HD programing on a 2.5" enclosure (witch uses a lot of transfer rate) and connect a wifi adapter to the same PVR. So far, so good.
    But I only reccomend it if they make it propperly. Cheap stuff can't mean poor-made stuff.
  • wifi device with linux

    posted by cerex71

    I choose this device because I need a working wifi dongle with debian distribution and this one with chipset RTL8188CUS is easyly recognized by the OS (mint or raspbian). I try it with my raspberry and works fine, the wifi signal is good but the device need more current so I've to put into a powered USB-HUB to let the raspberry free. With UBUNTU distribution I need to use the drivers into the CD to let it work.
    Nothing special
    Good product for linux user! No problem with drivers!
  • Cute small useful charger

    posted by kac1983

    Very nice adapter, it has compact dimensions so it fits perfectley in the plug, without any part that comes out. It allows also to eventually close the cover if your car has one on the cigarette lighter plug. It has also a green led that allows you to know if it is still on. 1 Ampere is perfect to charge also the newest smartphones (that requires 1 Ampere of current) without any problems. for this price is almost given away.
    I'd buy one just in case you have low battery and need your phone on the road.
    Cute small useful charger

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