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ac wii Customers Reviews

  • Not quite OEM...

    posted by gutterball

    Good backup adapter.
    Close to original Wii adapter in look and feel.
    Works great.
    If you're like me, all the cables to my game consoles are tucked away neatly behind the TV and entertainment centre. Having extra cables is always convenient if you take your console with you a lot.
    Pictures show US plug, but somehow I received the European version. Might open a ticket to get the proper cable since the one I'm using is black and the mis-matched colouring is annoying me.
  • Cheap and useful

    posted by budavargas

    -Useful alternative for foreign countries (Chile)-Saves me from using an aditional power transformer nor adapters.-Nice quality-Cheap, in comparizon to local alternatives (over US$30)
    -It's a good solution for power compatibility issues. Just what I needed and expected. Great deal!-Could be smaller. As a simple switching power supply, it's size is a little over-exagerated.
    -A must-have for 220-EU plug countries like mine. Cheap, useful, and durable (more than 6 months until now)
  • Good for the Price

    posted by metermonkey

    Works well as intended. It's a great replacement to a broken power adapter. Would also be good to have a extra in another room instead of lugging wires to each tv.Cord is adequate length, same as the original.PriceCame protected in the box for shipping.
    For the price you can't buy a original power adapter. It's worth waiting for it to arrive.
    I bought this as a replacement for my sister-in-law's wii. Her system wouldn't turn on and for $9 I thought we would try this instead of tearing the wii apart. I bought this in October and it is still working fine!
  • Worked great in Europe

    posted by noneal

    This power adapter works in Europe and North AmericanThis looks just like the Power Adapter that comes with the Wii and is sold at a great price. I could not find a cheaper alternative while in Europe.
    Good replacement for Wii power supply if you're travelling around the world (or moving to Europe).Great Price. Shipping to Europe faster than shipping to North America.

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