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ac voltage Customers Reviews

  • Solo para electricistas ocasionales

    posted by Frans12

    - Cumple bien la función para la que fue creado y siempre va a ser mejor que un simple tester de los que prenden la lucecita y nada más.- Tiene la función de induction que detecta cables cortados.- Detecta el paso de corriente sin necesidad de tocar la fuente, basta con aproximar el tester.
    No me arriesgaría a usarlo como destornillador, estoy seguro que el plástico que lo recubre no resistiría la menos presión y se partiría.
    Una herramienta útil y barata que los electricistas ocasionales deberían tener a mano en su caja de herramientas.
  • Useful and cheap

    posted by esquizo

    It's useful and cheap.

    You can check both AC and DC voltage.

    It has a display to show the voltage and doesn't use batteries.
    You can check phase and neutral in an electrical instalation.

    Checking phase you can read the voltage.

    Checking neutral you can see blank display.
    If you don´t need great accuracy it's useful. Buy it if you're an ocassional electrician. If you need great accuracy buy a multimeter.
  • Amazing quality, one of my best buys in dx.

    posted by 41ter

    The quality of this thing is seriously amazing for its price, i've had about 4 multimeters in my life, some even twice as expensive as this one, but none felt so solid and sturdy.When testing conductivity it gives out a sound signal which makes it easier to use without looking at the screen, and if you would need to work in the dark the screen itself boasts backlighting.The test leads are the best i have seen so far in terms of quality, they feel quite solid and they have a comfortable shape to hold, with a rubber-like finish, and they also include a protector for the lead itself.The multimeter also has a kick-out stand so it stays at a 45º or so angle to the table, making it easier to read.When not in use the leads can be stored in the back of the multimeter, in a really comfortable manner for carrying around in a backpack or toolbox.
    Forgot to mention, it also has a light on the top that goes on whenever a lead is in contact with a high voltage current.
    Amazing quality for an amazing price, this multimeter feels like it can withstand rough work conditions and it even includes its own battery! Must buy if you use this tool in your work, inexpensive and reliable.
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    posted by danielaguillar

    it is amazing!!!!!! it really worksss very well!!!!converts perfectly the voltage...as it says....very light weight....can be taken in trips and travels....very usefull...it's made from an excellent material....does not break easily....really strong material....does it's job!!!
    excellent product....I did not imagine that is would be so good as it is....this product is REALLY very small!! almost incredible...I have another old device that does the same thing...it's very heavy and big....
    very good cost-benefiit...buy it and you'll see by your self.
  • by contact voltage detector

    posted by diodozener

    to detect small voltages from 12 volts with extreme sensitivity, ideal for checking the energizamento accidental parts and structures metálicas.Também is possible to verify the continuity of the circuits that led upward.
    product very well finished and very useful, worth the price
    very useful in terms of security when you should test metalicar parts that could be energized

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