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ac travel adapter

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ac travel adapter Customers Reviews

  • all in one travel adapter

    posted by 2DHCTH77

    Very good adapter that can be used on almost all kind of power point all over the world from different country.
    Price is quite high and can sell at lower price. Build quality not so good. Design wise was the same as original branded one, but cheaper than original one.
    Very useful travel adapter for frequent traveller who travel to diifferent country and only need to carry one travel adapter.
  • Better than this adapter SKU 33884

    posted by Fastereus

    More high-quality assembly than in the adapter http://www.dealextreme.com/p/flat-to-round-power-plug-converter-33884
    Do not do not falter and has no backlash.
    If to combine that all pro and contra at the given variant at least contacts don't fall out and it is more preferable ?? I of a choice, but there can be some inconveniences in its use connected with that that it absolutely smooth and can get stuck in the socket
    In general the goods not bad quality carrying out of the problem
  • Simple working plugs

    posted by Sand3r

    The most important 'pro' is that they work as they should.Also the fact that you get two is a big plus. If you travel to the US, you have multiple devices you'll want to charge, so having more than one plug is very handy.
    I bought a pair of them when travelling from Europe to the USA to charge my smartphone and other devices. It worked perfectly, but I think the build quality could be improved.
    If you need these, just buy them. If one breaks, you're still better off than buying those way overpriced travel plugs in the airport.
  • Wroth every cent !

    posted by jallmob

    Very strong build. .
    Perfect fit in European wall plugs . .
    In Greece we call them SOUKO plugs. .
    Absolutely stable mount. .
    ITS SAFE. .
    You need it for devices with "ground" cable.
    To plug in "grounded" plugs.
    Worth every cent !
  • Excellent product but a bit on the pricey side

    posted by ZR3

    - Good quality plastic and build- Good metal contacts allows for snug fits with plugs- Supports a wide variety of plug types
    Very good quality product but cheaper options are available
    Although for a product like this the price is a bit high and some of its counterparts are cheaper, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solution to incompatible plugs and sockets if price is not an issue for them due to its good build and quality.

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