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Buy quality ac to dc power at our online store at low prices. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Customers can also browse dc to ac power inverter or car dc to ac power to find their desired products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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ac to dc power Customers Reviews

  • Coooool!

    posted by waisar

    1: Its small and easy to tranport anywhere2: It came with 2 option of cable to connect to the car, one for cigar plug and one with two clamps to connect to the battery of the car3: It works really well4: It's full alluminum and not easily broken5: It's very easy to use
    It's a very veery cool and good gadget to use a tv on your car and watch a movie.You can also use a notebook charger or wathever you want to use, its very comfortable and easy to use
  • Cheap and good conversion

    posted by heng84

    easy replace ment for some electrical goods, i have tried powering the led strips .. im not an expert on electrical device though .. the led strip overpowered this rated current .. and my led starts to blink hehehe, but its fine.. i just want to test it for fun.. this adapter doesnt get too hot.. so its a good product i would say
    get this as a replacement for your electrical devices..
  • Great price

    posted by LarsNorw

    Great product at a low price. Very well built, it looks neat and feels neat. It has a proper aluminium casing of high quality.
    Beware: There is a fan present in the back. So you need to install it somewhere the noise is not bothering you! The fan starts as soon as you plug it in.
    I bought a different device delivering 100W (The box that is completely black) and it is completely silent. So if you can do with 100W I would go for this box!
  • Unreal Power Box

    posted by lucon

    This inverter is a compact item full of grunt. It powers all my appliances in my bedroom. I have a solar trickle charger with a built in controller on my house roof running to a deep gel battery, this then, connects to the 300watt inverter. It runs my TV, alarm clock and other bits and pieces.
    You could use this thing anywhere. It is one of the most handiest gadgets I have ever brought.
    What I have done is just a test, but it works. Haven't used in my car or out camping yet, But cant wait.
    This is a sturdy, very well built and packaged unit. It has a USB port for Laptop use, International power inputs. Runs from your car lighter socket, can be powered from a battery. Buy this inverter. You will use it and wont regret it.
  • It's Perfect

    posted by Rotemshani

    * Very cheap solution for devices that only have car lighter power adapters* Usually just charges devices - which might take longer using this but works like a charm
    You get what you pay for ;)
    If you need to charge devices you don't have an AC adapter for this is for you. It's cheap and it gets the job done.If you want to run those devices while plugged in you should check the power rating first.


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