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You can buy cheap ac to cigarette from us. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. With your support, we can do better.
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ac to cigarette Customers Reviews

  • usefull

    posted by Thib56

    It can be really usefull to use material which is supposed to be used in your car, in your house.
    If your in a trip, you can charge your phone, or anything eals when you arrive.
    like always, you should put something to count the number of caracter for the review.
    It can be usefull to use an FM transmitter at home. Yuou plus your FM transmitter on it, and you can listen your music on all the radio of your house.
  • great thing

    posted by mitjaperic

    great thing works well for my laptop and mobile phone.its small so it fits well in a glove box.well built, user s guide in english
    very small thing i expected it to be a bit bigger.it does not have a fuse, so i must relay to the cars fuse in case of short circuit
    great thing i reccomend it to everyone, its cheap and does the job well. not reccomended for a long term use.
  • Great product

    posted by gabydl

    Great product. Always good to have in hand, specially to charge car GPS when you get back to the hotel on a trip.
    Very useful. And very easy to use.
    I recommend this product. In fact is the second that I purchased. One was a gift to a dear friend, it was used to charge a Car toy at a party. Everyone at the party thought it was cool. Great value for the price of the product.
  • Use your car accessories inside

    posted by mike430681

    Easy to use, you plug it in the wall and plug your accessory in to the opening. It has a light to indicate that it is receiving power from the wall socket. You can use stuff made for use in your car in your house or hotel room. You can use your cell phone travel charger in the hotel and leave your regular ac charger at home.
    Instead of using usb cables to trickle charge your devices through your pc, you can use this if you have the correct dc chargers to charge things faster. I don't know if the build quality is good or not but it works for what I need.
    It's a handy adapter to have around the house so that you can use your car accessories in the house.
  • Good only for devices with low amperage

    posted by jonathancs

    Price considerably low, extremely functional for devices with low amperage, produced with good material, works perfectly, Light that informs product operation
    A good option for those looking to connect appliances Automotive (12V) low amperage in making your home
    I have the product a few months and never had problems, works perfectly with low amperage devices, can be considered a good buy

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